The Boy at the Door


The Boy at the Door is Scandi Noir at its finest. A debut novel by Alex Dahl, this is a dark and twisty novel that will have you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover!

Cecilia Wilborg is a perfect wife and mother with two perfect daughters. She lives in a perfect neighborhood and has the perfect job as an interior stylist. Everything in life is absolutely perfect and she works very VERY hard to make sure it stays that way. Until she is asked to take a small boy home from the pool where her daughters take lessons. It appears that the boy has been not been retrieved by his own mother. Cecilia agrees but soon finds that the address for the boy is an abandoned house and the boy is not exactly who he or his mother claims he is – or is he? Things rapidly start to spin out of control as Cecilia’s life begins to unravel. What once was perfection now has flaws and these flaws are growing at an alarming rate. Just who is The Boy at the Door and what will Cecilia do to keep her perfect life in tact? I read the book in one day to find out and I suspect you will too! This is a masterfully written suspense novel that also blends into domestic noir. Dahl has created a character that is both interesting and vile and whose story is mesmerizing until the very last paragraph of the book!

This definitely is one you won’t want to miss! If you like Scandi-noir, noir in general, suspense, mystery or domestic thrillers then this is a book for you!

Many thanks to Berkley Penguin Books for an advanced copy of this thrilling book!

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