The Magic Garden

It’s Wacky Wednesday here at Macsbooks, the day for the unusual or seldom read books. But – this week I have a wonderful gem for you: The Magic Garden by Lemniscates.


The author and illustrator, Lemniscates, creates each of her books as a complete piece of work. The writing and illustrations act as a whole for her and she does it all herself. This is quite rare in the world of children’s literature and the result is breathtaking.


The story itself is one of simplicity – slow down, don’t rush, take time to see the world around you. This is an important lesson for kids as well as for their parents, as we rush to and fro, and both will enjoy this tale. Chloe rushes out her door each day on her way to her many activities, through her beautiful garden and down the path, never stopping to see the beauty around her. But on this day, the trees speak to her and tell her to stop, take time to see the magic around her for there is, indeed, magic all around – from leaves that change from green to red, caterpillars that become butterflies, bees that create honey and so much more.

Rarely am I moved to tears by a children’s book, The Velveteen Rabbit comes to mind, but this book was so beautiful, so well written and so incredibly brilliant that I found myself in a puddle of tears with goosebumps on my arms no less. What is even more wonderful – yes, it gets better – is that at the back of the book there is an easy to understand scientific explanation for ALL of the magical principles that Chloe discovers in her garden. I mean, seriously, does a book get any better than this? No, I don’t think so! On top of that, the illustrations are luscious, colorful, amazing. I shared them with a child next door and they were mesmerized by them so I know that, well, I have the mind of a child. NO! That the illustrations are perfection!

What a wonderful, must read book for ALL ages, from birth to 99!


Many thanks to Edelweiss and The Quarto Group for my copy – eternal gratitude for a marvelous book!

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