The Golden Child

The Golden Child is a contemporary domestic thriller at its finest!

Golden Child

Wendy James, an Australian suspense, award-winning author, has created a tale that is as timely as it is chilling. With news of younger school shooters, children bullying one another online and in person and the suicide rate climbing in all industrialized nations, James has captured the essence of that drama and fear of every parent – “could my child do this?”

To the outside world and even to the blogging community, Beth and Dan appear to the be the perfect couple with two lovely, well-adjusted daughters who are bright, articulate, and very intelligent. What more could any family want or need? They have the usual dramas: moving across country, girls entering a new school, everyone adjusting to a different culture, but they are a close family that makes the most of these situations.

James also examines the flip side – the brilliant, gifted student and her family, who also appear to be “just a normal family,” but the girl does not have friends, is not fitting in at school and often is the target of unkind words.  Bringing these two families together, a chance meeting in the park, turns out to be a catastrophe for all involved. But no tragedy is ever what it seems and as we, the reader, discover, there is far more to the story than we are first led to believe.

From the very first page until the very last, you will be mesmerized by the innermost thoughts of the two mothers involved. Interspersed throughout the book are snippets of Beth’s “mommy-blog” as well as clips from the social media that the girls were using. This addition made the story so readable, captivating and interesting! The only reason that I hesitated giving this a full five star rating was because I suspected from nearly the beginning what the “twist” would be in the end. Never-the-less, this is a fascinating look at our society of teenagers and their families in today’s media driven world. There is a lot of introspection on the part of all involved and I found it to be spot on. The Golden Child is a perfect domestic thriller and I highly recommend it to all who enjoy this genre.

8 thoughts on “The Golden Child

    1. Thanks, it really was. It’s very current and often I felt like I was reading something from the news rather than fiction. It hasn’t received a lot of press and I’m surprised by this because it was so well written and timely.


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