The Last Time I Lied


On this middle of the year Monday, the true “mayhem” in the Midwest is the weather! Record-breaking heat and humidity is everywhere here. Luckily for me that means staying indoors and reading – no gardening or yardwork in this weather! Always a plus, right?


The Last Time I Lied is the second Sager thriller that has had me on the edge of my seat, turning pages through the night unable to stop reading. It is a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish! While the first, Final Girls, was a bit campy and reminded me a bit of a 1980s horror movie – which I still loved – The Last Time I Lied is far meatier, the plot deeper and the characters much more defined.

In this tale, we find Emma Davis, another lone survivor of a tragedy in which the three other girls in her summer camp cabin disappeared without a trace.

Fifteen years later, Emma is haunted by their disappearance and the lies that she told that summer – half truths, omissions and actual falsehoods. Now Emma is being invited back to the re-opening of the camp, this time as a teacher and counselor. In order to put the past to rest, she agrees to go to the camp, but the secrets that are buried there do not want to be put to rest – not until the truth is told.

Sager is a master thrill writer whose words come to vivid life off of the page. There are times when it appears as though the dialogue will veer onto the cheesy side, but with one stroke of a pen, it stays on track and the reader is, once again, heading into the unknown and unforeseeable. I admit that rarely am I fooled by a suspense novel, but the ending of The Last Time I Lied left me flabbergasted. It was not a ridiculous twist just for the sake of a twist, but it was something that I had not seen coming – and should have! That made the ending even better!

I can safely recommend this one to all who love suspense, thrillers or a fun summer read. I know that Sager’s books, definitely, will be on my “go-to” reading list in the future.  Watch for The Last Time I Lied in bookstores and in your library on July 3, 2018.

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