Convenience Store Woman

This summer is busier than usual here at Macsbooks and books/reading have taken a backseat – sadly. But, now that we’re on the downhill run toward autumn, there will be much more time for pleasurable things – like reading terrific books!

If you love witty conversation, wry humor and quirky characters then Convenience Store Woman is the book for you! 


Originally written in Japanese, Convenience Store Woman on the surface is a story about Keiko Furukura, a woman whose own parents labeled “a strange child.” Slow to develop, Keiko’s parents were worried about her ability to “fit in” and be a “normal” adult. They wish for Keiko to have a “real job” and a boyfriend. However, Keiko loves her job at the convenience store and her only worry is the pressure to live up to her parents’ expectations.

As the characters come and go through the store, we soon realize that perhaps Keiko is the one who comes closest to “normal.”

Convenience Store Woman is an endearing story, a character study of a myriad of personalities and a tale of acceptance that will warm your heart and leave you wanting more. It also is a wonderful, subtle opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Japanese culture.

This is a beautiful, very short piece of fiction by Sayaka Murata, who still works part time at a convenience store.

My thanks to #Netgalley, the author, Granta Publications and Portobello Books for the opportunity to read this intriguing book.

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