WWW Wednesday


Welcome to WWW WEDNESDAY, originally hosted by Sam @TakingOnTheWorldofWords. Each week you will answer THREE QUESTIONS: 

  • What Are You Currently Reading
  • What Have You Just Finished Reading
  • What Will You Read Next

Once you’ve answered the question, post a link in the comments so that others can read your responses. Please be sure to read everyone’s replies, otherwise it is just an exercise in futility and a cute “meme” on your blog. Enjoy! 

Currently I am reading:


Mackintosh is one of my favorite suspense authors and I this one is proving to be one of her best yet! 

What I Just Finished Reading:


This was my first Jo Furniss book, it will not be my last! Watch for the review 30/8/2018

What I’m Reading Next:


This “just released” drama by Kristina McMorris is receiving wide acclaim from multiple sources. I tried to read it once before but it was so incredibly heart wrenching that I had to stop. Now, I will attempt to read it again and WILL make it through! Watch for the upcoming review. 

Those are my three – what about you?  ~Mac




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