Let me Lie by #ClareMackintosh


The police ruled her parents death a suicide but on the anniversary of their death Anna receives an ominous, anonymous note suggesting otherwise. Is it just a hoax, or is it a clue to what really happened to Anna’s parents?


Clare Mackintosh is so well known in the Crime/Suspense genre that you know you’re going to get a terrific read. Let Me Lie is no exception, perhaps even better than her previous publications which I loved. Her writing strength is that she creates every day people that we can relate to but who find themselves in situations that are mind-blowing even to the characters themselves. In this case, we have Anna who, still grieving from the loss of both parents the year before, has fallin in love with her therapist and has a new child. She already is stretched to a breaking point dealing with these issues when a note arrives on her doorstep:

SUICIDE – Think Again

Anna knows she should leave the past alone but how can she after this note. She elicits the help of a retired cop who, by the way, is far more interesting than most secondary characters, and together they begin to unravel what really happened. Or do they? The story is murky, the characters extremely well drawn and the suspense is palpable. Mackintosh is well known for her twisty plots and surprise endings but this story exceeds all others. I don’t enjoy a surprise ending that is written just to surprise you but when the surprise is something that you should have anticipated, an eneding that shocks you but you should have seen coming, then I get really excited – and this ending really was quite shocking. It is worth reading the entire book just to get to the final pages. And, I have to say, that once I began reading Let Me Lie, I did not stop once. It was an all night read for me… and a very blurry following day! The suspense will pull you in and keep you hooked long after you have finished reading.

Five suspenseful and satisfying stars for Let Me Lie!



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