The Lying King by #AlexBeard

“A runt who wanted to be a huge pig…”


The Lying King, wordplay noted, is  wonderfully illustrated, hilariously told modern-day fable about a warthog who wanted to be king. He made promises he couldn’t keep, told lies that grew more preposterous with each telling and bullying all who got in is way. He lied to get money, questioned whether the truth was actually the truth and pitted those in the kingdom against one another to gain favor for himself.

Hmmm… why does this sound so incredibly familiar? No idea. Soon, the king’s lies catch up to him and bring about his folly. <sigh>

Written for children and obviously for adults who never learned the very important lesson that LYING is not acceptable and, ultimately, you will get caught; this book is utterly delightful for “kids” of all ages. Beard is an artist as well as a writer and his illustrations are a beautiful, captivating addition to the book. I read this out loud to guests staying with us and everyone loved it – especially the kids! It’s a perfect “lesson” book that can teach all of us the importance of the truth in this era of “fake news” and alternative facts. FIVE brilliant shiny stars for The Lying King – no lie!

I’m super happy to have received this book from #Netgalley and to #AlexBeard for his collection of children’s books. Although this was a download originally, I’m now the proud owner of his entire collection. They are too good not to own!






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