Music Mondays – The River


Music Monday is theme/meme started by The Tattoed Book Geek

I think that if I were to do this like others, I would upload a video or link to my favorite song at the moment. But, being a book geek writing a book blog, I thought I rather would share some interesting music over time that corresponds with literature. The two are so interwined that you will find book titles based on songs, songs based on books and a lot of intermarrying between the two.

This week I’m sharing a song “The River,” based on one of all time favorite authors, Flannery O’Connor.

You can read The River and other short works by O’Connor for free here:

Click to access A%20Good%20Man%20Is%20Hard%20To%20Find.pdf

I hope you enjoy both – have a great musical-literary week!


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