The Weight of Silence @Gregg_Olsen

Gregg Olsen has delivered once again – a taut, well-written police procedural that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

TBR Thursdays

Each Thursday I try like hell to cross another book off of my TBR list. I have no idea why I waited so long to read The Weight of Silence by Gregg_Olsen when I know that his books always are going to be amazing. Of course this one is no exception!

The Weight of Silence is the follow-up to Olsen’s bestseller, The Sound of Rain, where we first met Detective Nicole Foster. Foster is back after her catastrophic downward spiral in The Sound of Rain and ready for a second chance. She’s moved back to her childhood home on the Washington coast to care for her niece Emma and begin “fresh” in a new department. Of course, the past never really is buried and her sociopathic sister, Stacey, is not going to let Nicole’s past stay in the past for long.

The story is two-fold: the majority of the theme is an extremely well written police procedural where Nicole and her partner, Carter, are investigating the worst kind of case – the death of a child. The parents insist at every opportunity available that the child’s death was an accident. But was it really? Methodical policing may prove otherwise. As the case progresses, Olsen gives us an in-depth examination of Nicole’s current life – her intense love for her niece, her “family” which includes an aging pooch and her Alzheimer ridden father. We learn more about Nicole’s gambling addiction and the strength she uses to overcome it every single day. To say that Olsen is a master of character development is understatement. He is brilliant. Ultimately Nicole’s past and present converge at a climactic conclusion that is extremely satisfying on both fronts.

There are times when I think that suspense/mystery/thrillers all are blending together and merely re-telling the same plot over and over again. With The Weight of Silence I am reminded how wonderful it is when the genre is done right.

Five highly recommended Stars to The Weight of Silence!

Thanks to #Netgalley, #Thomas&Mercer and @Gregg_Olsen for this very enjoyable book.


7 thoughts on “The Weight of Silence @Gregg_Olsen

      1. L Lostinacoulee

        I agree! In my experience, it’s rare that the books get better as the series continues. I always worry that the next book couldn’t possibly be as good as the first if it is something I really enjoyed. So glad this worked out so well for you!! 💜

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