Pieces of Her @KarinSlaughter

Different is good, and this book IS GOOD!


I am a Karin Slaughter fan. I thought a few of her previous books were graphically violent just for the sheer shock value, but Slaughter remains a masterful story-teller. I also like her stand-alone books better than her series. While I adore Amanda and Will, too much more of Sarah’s perfection would make me ill. Every book has a reader for them and those who adore Slaughter’s series most likely will find this book too different for their tastes. I, however, loved it. Aside from Cop Town, Pieces of Her is my favorite Slaughter book.

Slaughter creates a scenario that is plausible. Not every woman in America is a ball of fury, strong and has their life together. I live in the “rust belt” where there are very few strong, “life-together” women and most of the 20-30 year old women that I know are exactly like Andrea. They are struggling, never have been made to stand on their own two feet and, barring some major life-altering event, this is exactly the way they will stay. A handful of the women in their 50’s are exactly like Laura. I know because I am one of them. We marched, we rallied, we protested and we fought. Not all of us have had a personal experience with a “cult” but we knew people who did and we personally saw far too many of them in the news. Now, we are mothers, lead boring lives but there are pieces of us that are not like other people. We want change but we live in a world that is different now. Our kids don’t understand us – they think they do – but they don’t. They can’t. They didn’t experience Watergate, Vietnam, the PLO, the SLO, Beirut, Civil Rights and more. We fought so they wouldn’t have to – maybe they should have to! Which is, to an extent, the point of this story! I think many missed it. They wanted a good crime novel. They wanted a good guy and a bad guy. This, however, is a story that can teach you something if you try just as Cop Town did.

If you’ve already made up your mind to only like Slaughter’s very safe series, then this is not the book for you. IF, however, you would like to have your mind opened, explore a different perspective of a different time and era; IF you understand that growth comes from change – and Andrea did grow – then this is a book for you. I remain a Slaughter fan and I am a fan of this book!

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