One Very Odd Teacher by @Robbie_b_Yates

Every child remembers a teacher who was a little bizarre, prickly or ill-tempered. Some teachers, though, are very odd indeed, and warrant some closer attention…


Today I am thrilled to be one of the stops on a fantastic Blog Tour featuring this adorable book, One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates.

The humming noise got louder. Adam willed himself to focus. He had to finish his math test.
Suddenly, the noise became unbearable. He glanced up.
Mrs. Murphy was inches away, leaning over another kid’s desk. Was the noise coming from her?

If you follow my blog or reviews, you know that I adore children’s books almost as much as I love suspense/thrillers. What I’ve never read, at least in years, are books targeting middle school age kids. That all changed when I got my copy of One Very Odd Teacher. I devoured it, literally not setting it aside from beginning to end!

Adam is not the best student but he is one of the most brightest. When he begins to suspect that his teacher is acting odd, most of his friends and his parents instead think it might be Adam who behaving strangely; after all, that’s what he does. Soon Adam is actually documenting the peculiarities of his teacher and his best friend finally starts to see – and hear – the teacher’s oddities. They decide to do a little investigating of their own outside of school hours and, of course, mayhem ensues.

Robbie Yates has a wicked sense of humor and I found myself laughing out loud throughout the book. I consider myself to be, you know, a serious kind of reader so I was fairly shocked at how very much I loved the book, adored Adam and loved the antics into which he finds himself. I can only imagine how much a kid will love this book! There are phrases, self-deprecating banter and puns that will keep any reader engaged with the story. There’s a even a very good lesson to all deftly hidden within the message of the book.

I would highly recommend One Very Odd Teacher regardless of your age but especially if you have a pre-teen. It is One Very Terrific Book! Oh, and for the record, I usually comment on the things that I learn from books and, yes, I learned something new! For all of my very perfect, high marks in English Grammar throughout high school and at university, I never learned what a sibilant was! No, seriously! Americans come up with all of these rules that kids are forced to learn regarding the adding of “s” and/or “es” to a word. Yet, all along there was a very simple definition! <slap my forehead> If only I had this book when I was in junior high school! 😉 Thank you Robbie!

You can find your copy at Amazon where is FREE for Kindle Unlimited folks. There also is a paperback copy available which I must own!

This tour is brought to you by one heck of great digi blog tour resource:

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Thank you, Shalini, for making me part of the fun!

Hipster breakfast egg characters with mustache, beard, black bowler hat and glasses. Creative design holiday poster eggs cups. drawn gentleman faces vintage style. gray background.

Robbie Yates – I know, right? You know already that he is going to fun just from his photo! Yates is an author from Melbourne, Australia. He likes cocoa, cheeky poetry, and eating all of the red jellybeans before anybody else can get to them.
In his free time, Robbie likes to read ridiculous and wacky kids’ fiction. He also likes practical jokes and terrible puns. If you have not experienced Robbie’s poetry then you should run, don’t walk, over to his blog right now and read it. 🙂 The rest of your day will be brighter if you do.

You can learn about Yates at any of the following links:

Amazon Author Central page
Author’s Website

There are many more stops on the tour over the next few days and I hope you will check out all of these terrific reviews!

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16 thoughts on “One Very Odd Teacher by @Robbie_b_Yates

  1. Oh my goodness, Mackey. I am speechless.

    Okay, I am seldom speechless. In fact, usually I have the opposite problem… and now might be one of those times. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I adore this review more than I could ever express. I think I need to print it out and stick it on my refrigerator. Or get it tattooed on one of my shoulders. But probably I’ll go with the refrigerator thing. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Oh wow – if I could render you speechless then I have magical powers – LOL! I think I’d stick with the refrigerator thing too, it seems a lot less painful! I really did love your book, Robbie, and I told you I would learn something new from you! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m so glad 😀 In fact, to commemorate the occasion, here’s a poem:

        A sibilant’s a cheeky thing
        I’m very sure of this…
        For spelling, they cause havoc, and
        In speech they cause a hiss! 😀

        Liked by 2 people

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    1. Holly, I wondered if this was the right age for your school kids. I bought a physical copy to add to our library here at the BNB. I think kids will love it: the humor, the very subtle message and the fact that the heroes are the kids! It was a really funny book!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Holly B / Dressedtoread

        I teach pre-school to def. too young, but I enjoy reading books like this and recommending to other parents and teachers. I would probably enjoy it myself!

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Ohhhh, I can picture you being a marvelous pre-school teacher Holly! I hope you do read it and enjoy it. It was perfect for pre-teens, and maybe that’s where my humor lies, but I thought it was too-too funny but with a good message for kids and adults alike.

    Liked by 1 person

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