12 Weeks ‘Til Christmas/ Miracle on 34th Street – a Picture Book

imageedit_2_4957071024Can you believe it is only TWELVE weeks until Christmas 2018!? Well, since I have been counting down the weeks since last Christmas, I can! I love the holidays and what I love most is holiday reading! From now until Christmas, I will be reviewing holiday books every Tuesday.


One of my favorite Christmas movies is “Miracle on 34th Street” starring Natalie Wood. At the time that the movie was made, Valentine Davies also penned a short novella to accompany the film release. There have been several adaptations of the movie and book but no other book has been released by the Davies estate – until now.

Miracle on 34th Street is a picture book for kids of all ages. The story is accurately re-told for the enjoyment of children. The writing, while simple, is not childishly over-handed and the prose flows brilliantly throughout the book. The illustrations by James Newman Gray are exquisite. Their detail and vivid colors are sure to capture the eye of many young readers.

Most importantly, this new rendition fully captures the hope, magic and joy of the original movie. This is a must-have book for your holiday library collection.

Thank you to #Netgalley, #SourcebooksJabberwocky and the Davies Estate for this marvelous holiday tale.

11 thoughts on “12 Weeks ‘Til Christmas/ Miracle on 34th Street – a Picture Book

    1. Thanks! It’s crazy to think about it already. My son is a performer with Cirque so we have to celebrate about 3 weeks early so he can get back to the shows which means we have even less time to get ready. I’m already feeling a bit of panic start to build.


      1. Ah so it’s a kind of reading challenge you’re doing.. It’s amazing, I mean what’s better than waiting for holidays is to spend it while reading books. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Enjoy. I received a Christmas book from Netgalley too so I’ll read it soon.

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  1. It is sort of like a reading challenge. I’m in the “group leader” for our local reading club and we decided to do this last year after we failed to get all of the books on our holiday list read before the holidays. LOL! This year we are doing better – so far.

    I hope you enjoy your Christmas book! I’ll be watching for your review – or post a link back here if you’d like. I just finished a cute holiday book from Netgalley as well and need to write that review soon.


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