A Treasury of African American Christmas Stories

Each year before the holidays I go on a search for eclectic holiday stories that will delight and surprise me. This year I was fortunate to receive Bettye Collier Thomas’ book, A Treasury fo African American Christmas Stories.


This is a compilation of the best stories from Thomas’s previous two books by the same name, Vol.1 and 2. What I discovered as I was really, simply was amazing! These are stories written by African American authors and activists that reflect their life and times. Some of the authors are unknown to most, others – like Langston Hughes – will be familiar to many. A few of the stories are retellings of familiar holiday tales but with an African American theme rather than the anglicized, white-washed version that many of us have heard or read. However, what I found most interesting were those stories that combined the holiday theme with those of anti-slavery or civil rights messages. These stories were fascinating. In fact, the traditional religious nativity story is one of oppression, deliverance and hope. Who better than African Americans, the most oppressed people in America’s history, to tell and embrace this story?


Reading all of the stories in this collection was interesting, educational but, most of all, insightful to the hope that we all must embrace, especially during the holiday season.

If you only read one holiday book this year, I highly recommend that be this one.

16 thoughts on “A Treasury of African American Christmas Stories

  1. This came up in my WordPress reader and you immediately got my attention. I am currently building my children’s library for my baby girl, and this book seems like it will make onto my list! I am so fascinated to see how these holiday stories have been reimagined. Thank you so much for sharing

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment! There are three separate collections, this one is the third and is a compilation of what the author believed were the best stories. They are powerful stories, mostly political and, I believe, a must read. The books, when purchased, are beautifully printed and bound would make a great addition to any library. I hope you will write again and let me know what you thought of the book.

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  3. Hi again – am only looking to help, so hope you don’t mind – I just noticed a sentence to fix: “What I discovered as I was really, simply was amazing!” Also, check her last name in one part of the post; Collier-Thomas is hyphenated.

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