Ten Nasty Little Toads by #SteveCole

This spring we had to completely recreate a waterfall pond here at The Wisteria House. The waterfall is beautiful, surrounded by gorgeous perennials and lovely Japanese maples – and TOADS! We have accumulated a plethora of TOADS. So, obviously, when I saw the book Ten Nasty Little Toads, I had to read it and, yes, of course I read it to my own TOADS in the pond who sit and “talk” with you as you read aloud.


The synopsis for Ten Nasty Little Toads compares it to the work of Roald Dahl. Well, that is quite a huge footstep to try to follow, especially considering that Dahl is one of my all time favorite authors of both kids and adult books! Was I ever surprised to discover that YES, it is just like so many of Dahl’s books! The writing, the “message”, the dark humor – oh the dark humor is so delicious – and the illustrations ALL are reminiscent of Dahl’s work.


This is a collection of short stories, or cautionary tales, about change and changing habits that are not so good for us. There are ten little toads – uhm, I mean children –  who need to change their nasty, beastly ways or they will suffer the consequences. Can they do it or will they forever remain these nasty little creatures? Even the good witch, Madame Rana, who tries to help them isn’t so sure. These are stories full of humor, a lot of MESS and grime and yucky stuff every where, and most of all, a very important message. It’s all wrapped up with some of the most astounding illustrations, created by #TimArchbold, that I have seen in a long time! Illustrators are my heroes – their work can really make a book and Archbold’s artwork absolutely does the trick for Ten Nasty Little Toads. I guarantee that once you start reading Wanda’s story – who resembles a wart with a body – you will be hooked!

As with Dahl’s work, this book is ideal for kids of all ages, including those of us who have the heart (and mind?) of a child! I promise you will LOVE Ten Nasty Little Toads.

A ton of thanks to #Netgalley, #HeadofZeus, #Zephyr, and #SteveCole for my copy of #TenNastyLittleToads

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