The Nightmare Before Dinner #ZachNeil @QuartoKnows #BeetleHouseRestaurant

I could think long and hard before coming up with a movie that I love more than The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton is and always will be one of my very favorite directors and Jack Pumpkin.. well, I just wish I was Sally! <sigh>  So, when my Goodreads friend, RedemptionDenied, recommended this cookbook based on the movie, I literally begged to read and review it!


The Nightmare Before Dinner is a collection of over 60 (!) recipes that are featured at the Beetle House Restaurant in LA and NY. The theme of the restaurant is, of course, based on Tim Burton’s amazing works of genius from Edward Scissorhands to Beetlejuice and, naturally, Nightmare. The recipes feature ghoulish names based on the movies from which they were inspired, but the dishes themselves are amazingly marvelous and, well, they don’t technically have to be dressed up for Halloween. 😉  Each recipe comes with non-vegan and vegan options and creative suggestions for making the dish more delightfully goth. They are relatively simple to prepare but magnificently gorgeous to behold – and devour!


My daughter and I had a blast preparing several of the dishes during her visit here at The Wisteria House Inn. Each one that we cooked was perfect and delectable! There are appetizers, finger foods, soups and main dishes as well as drinks and desserts. It is so rare to find a cookbook by restaurant owners or chefs that actually replicate the dishes in their establishments, but this one does and the recipes exceed all expectations for authenticity and taste!

My favorite? Edward Burger Hands, of course. 😉


Regardless of your cooking skill level, I wholeheartedly recommend giving The Nightmare Before Dinner a peek. You and your taste buds will be glad that you did!

My eternal gratitude to RedemptionDenied for recommending this to me and to #Netgalley, #QuartoKnows, #RacePointPublishing and Zach Neil for my copy of this cookbook!



12 thoughts on “The Nightmare Before Dinner #ZachNeil @QuartoKnows #BeetleHouseRestaurant

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Every recipe was both vegan and non-vegan and there were even substitutions for things that you might question or if you were dairy free or gluten free. He literally covered all of the basis. I’ve never seen a cookbook that did all of this before. And, the photographs of the completed dish were spectacular!

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  1. I’m going to have to try this one! I love that you said there were gluten-free options since I’m gluten-free but the rest of my family isn’t so that makes it a pain sometimes and cooking a chore! Great review!

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    1. Oh, I’m so glad. I think you will really like it. My daughter is gluten-free and my daughter in law is a vegan so this was a perfect group of recipes for us! There are embellishments to dress up the dishes in a frightful manner, but we basically just left those off. Next Halloween, perhaps, I will give all of those a try. LOL!


    1. We didn’t try any of the sauces. Everyone, meaning my adult kids, will be here this weekend so we’re getting it back out to make more things. I’ll try the Edward Sauce then! I’m so glad that you liked this one too! Great minds and all of that… 😉

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