We’re Off to See the Wizard…


Okay, no… not the Wizard and not to Oz but we’re off on a two day trek across America, leaving the very staid mid-west and its corn fields to cross the Rockies and head into Sin City to visit my son who is a performer for Cirque du Soleil. Three adults and a Jack Russell on a two day journey – wish us luck. 🙂 I’ll be checking in, of course, and checking out some of the great book stores that I know Vegas has – no, not those kinds of bookstore ya filthy animals. 😉  I’ll write again from the road. Have a happy … wait, what IS today!?!?! Well, whatever day it is in your neck of the woods, make it a great one!


14 thoughts on “We’re Off to See the Wizard…

    1. I read so many books on the way out here and now I’m so far behind writing the reviews – LOL! I love this part of the country. We actually dropped down to I-40 from I-70 so we could go through NM and AZ and it was stunning! But we love to hike and have been doing a lot of that since arriving.

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    1. Christopher, I just saw this! It was a spectacular trip and Christmas! Vegas is great any time of the year but at Christmas it really comes alive – who would have thought “sin city” could do it so well!?! I’ll have to upload some photos on a slow reading day because it really was amazing. Of course, with my son being a Cirque performer, I get to see the O show quite often but it never, ever fails to impress – ever. I love many of the Cirque shows, though. They all are visual masterpieces. Would you believe it actually snowed while we were there!?! LOL!! I think I take the snow with me wherever I go!! LOL!!

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      1. So glad you had a great time! And snow in Vegas? Sounds downright magical … or maybe I’ve just been reading too many Christmas books. Looking forward to seeing your trip photos! Vegas is one of my mom’s favorite places, but I still have yet to go. Sounds like Christmas is the time to do it! And Cirque is just such an amazing organization, and those performers— the skill and talent it takes is awe-inspiring. You must be so proud of your son.

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