Love Heart Lane @ChristieBarlow @HarperImpulse #snowdays

Finally! The world outside my window resembles the sparkling snow on my blog. I was beginning to wonder if winter ever was going to arrive in the Midwestern US!

Now, with the snow gently falling and everyone snuggled around the fire, it is the perfect time to read some winter cozies and I have the perfect one for you today – Love Heart Lane by Christie Barlow.


Felicity “Flick” Simons is a bit fed up with her London retail job, more than a bit homesick for the Scottish highlands she has left behind and feeling like a loner in London despite being surrounded by throngs of people. When she receives the devastating news of her grandmother’s death, she decides that it is past time to travel home to Scotland for a few weeks no matter the reasons she left it all behind nearly a decade ago. However, her arrival home is anything except welcoming as she lands in her village in the middle of one of the worst snow storms in ages followed by a torrential rain storm that washes out the town’s bridge, cutting it off from the civilization and supplies that lie on the other side of the river. An avalanche of emotional and physical needs swarm Flick as she is forced to confront the loss of her grandmother, the closure of their family’s tea shop, the life and love she gave up so many years ago, the friends she once left behind and a village that must cope with a dwindling supply of food and coal. Can Felicity set aside her personal angst and lead her community forward? Will it be enough to save her tiny village?

Love Heart Lane is a wonderful book about community, resilience of the heart, friends and neighbors who rally together to help one another in a time of great need. While there is romance, and it is referenced often, this book is not a “rom-com” as it is billed. There is a lot of tragedy, death, and heartbreak, some of which is dealt with realistically and some of which is brushed over a little too easily – which can be somewhat expected in a cozy. However, what Love Heart Lane does have in abundance is hope and friendship and messages of second chances which, I like to believe, is something we all need to believe can be a reality for us all. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Love Heart Lane and recommend it for those who enjoy a heartwarming, cozy read. This is the first book in a series and I’m truly looking forward to the next so I can catch up with the delightful characters whom I’ve come to know and adore.

I’m grateful to @HarperImpulse, #Netgalley and #ChristieBarlow for my copy of Love Heart Lane available now.

17 thoughts on “Love Heart Lane @ChristieBarlow @HarperImpulse #snowdays

  1. Beautiful review, Mackey! I hope to read more mystery this year and have this one added. Cute cover!

    I’m so happy to have snow too. What a crazy winter it’s been. Now comes the arctic blast lol! 😉❄🌨

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    1. Last year, I got so depressed because I read so many dark, horrifying books. There were just a lot of them, weren’t there? So this year I’m trying the alternating thing and so far, so good. It seems to help. LOL about the snow. We drove through Amarillo on our way to Las Vegas and hit some snow. Of all places – Arizona, New Mexico and No. Texas. I thought it was great! There is a volcano that I like to visit in Flagstaff and it’s stunning in the snow. Fire and Ice, black and white – just spectacular!

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    1. Thank you Sandy! Our neighbors next door and behind us are “snowbirds” who head to Florida every winter. They stay there from Halloween to Easter. I grew up in the deep south and always longed for snow so this is my dream come true. 😉


  2. Your home is absolutely gorgeous— and the snow only adds to that! We’re supposed to get snow this weekend, but that’s what was forecasted last weekend and it didn’t happen. This sounds like the right book for that kind of weather though. I’ve been reading several books lately that play with the stranded in a tiny town idea. It adds a nice bit of tension to relatively sweet reads.

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    1. Thank you Christopher. It goes on and on toward the back of the house like a maze so there is plenty of room for guests, which I love. We got 9 inches of snow last weekend, a bit unusual for us, and this Saturday they are forecasting 12-18 inches more with negative temps. That is really unusual!! We have a house full of guests and plenty of wood for the fireplaces so hopefully we will have fun. Also, fingers crossed we not have any murders with locked rooms – LO!L I hope you get some snow your way – stay warm!

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      1. Oh gosh, I love snow, but that sounds excessive! We’re only supposed to get 5 here, which is fine unless severe ice comes with it. Of course, if I was in a house like that with a library like yours, I’d probably be fine. Ha! Hopefully you won’t have to go into amateur sleuth mode


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