First Line Fridays

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I’ve meant to participate in First Line Fridays for several months and always wake up on Saturday having forgotten. This year I’m going to try to do better. *Try* being the operative word for me.

I received the most beautiful debut historical fiction in the mail this week and I simply cannot wait to share it with you! I have to wait for a blog tour so instead I’ll give you sneak peek instead…. It actually works rather well in my Victorian parlor, doesn’t it? It may need to stay there permanently. 😉


Philadelphia has not yet lost its soul. It’s still the early days of the Prohibition. Sure, you can see the rot around the edges beginning to creep in, but people, for the most part, are enjoying the thrill of being lawbreakers. The times; they’re dangerous, but not yet deadly….. Innocence Lost by Sherilyn Decter

There is nothing I love more than a good bootlegging story. Stay tuned for more.

5 thoughts on “First Line Fridays

  1. All I’m saying is great minds think alike, Mackey. This was my first week of participating in First Line Friday as well— I keep forgetting about it! But wow, that’s a great opening line. And I am looking for more historical fiction…

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    1. LOL Christopher!! We are mind-melding and just don’t know it! This looks really good. I’m finishing up a legal thriller and then hope to start on this one. I have two historical fiction books set in the Roaring 20s which is a favorite era of mine. I can’t wait! BTW – NO SNOW!! We’ve had ice and now nothing. It always happens when they predict a blizzard!

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      1. Ha! I think you might be right. It’s the only explanation. I mean, I also just finished up a thriller, though not a legal one. And we didn’t get any snow here either— looks like we’re practically the same person at this point! I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t get a blizzard, but ugh. Ice is the worst.

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