You Belong to Me #MarkTilbury

There is dark and then there is Noir DARK. You Belong to Me is on the darker shade of that Noir scale. It was so gritty that I had to take breaks, sit the book down and come up for air. Yep, it’s that good!


Let me tell you first – THERE ARE NO SPOILERS HERE! Unfortunately, I read a review for this book that, quite literally, gave away the twist at the end. And what a great twist it is, too. Or, it would have been if I had not had it spoiled for me!! WHY do people do that!? Reviews do not include spoilers people!! The ending of this book is worth the reading of the entire book! I love great twists at the end. I love them!

Briefly, this is the story of four teenage boys who already are living on the wrong side of the tracks. They don’t have the best that life has to offer, particularly Danny, but they are making it okay. Until one fateful day when they decide to seek revenge against Danny’s brother for a lifetime of abuse that he has waged against all of them but especially upon Danny. What happens to these boys, what they discover about the brother and about themselves, will alter their lives to an extent that the four of them barely eek out an existence into adulthood.

Now it is several years later and events have aligned to bring these men back together again. A girl is missing, these men have seen this before. Can they find her before it’s too late? What happens to them now will shock you to your core. Did I mention dark and twisty!? Tibury’s writing will have you gripping the book and tearing through the pages to the end. The characters are sad and heartbreaking, some of them I didn’t even like, but they were real and very dimensional. I cared about them and I came to care about their fate! The storyline could have been have placed in midwestern America as well as Ireland or any place in Europe. It’s universal in its bleakness. It is a well told tale. If you like noir, psychological thrillers then this is absolutely the book for you!

Thank you to #Netgalley, #BloodhoundBooks and #MarkTilbury for my advanced copy of this – did I mention dark – thrilling book!

9 thoughts on “You Belong to Me #MarkTilbury

    1. This was just a crazy, twisty read!!! The writing was a little different from what I was used to but I really liked it!! Would you believe it is in the 50s today!? A foot of snow over the weekend and today it is shorts weather for us! However, there is snow in the forecast for this weekend! The midwest is a crazy place right now!

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      1. I’m interested to read it! Wow! That is crazy after the weather you’ve had. It’s in the 70s here for us in NC and I turned on the a/c, but we have crazy weather like that all the time. It will snow one day and 2 days later be in the 70s. It’s not uncommon to have all 4 seasons in one week here. I hope you don’t get any more frigid temps! Enjoy the warm weather. 🙂

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      2. Thanks Stephanie. Even though it’s supposed to rain all week (before the snow this weekend) I’m excited that it’s not frigid outside. I used to live in Arkansas and the weather was like yours in NC. Hot, cold, sun, snow, hot, ice, etc. We used to tease about celebrating the frozen daffodil festival each February because it would get warm, the spring bulbs would bloom and, wham, an ice storm would come through.


  1. Nice review Mac. I heard this one was pretty dark and gruesome so was not sure if I was going to give it a go or not. Glad you enjoyed it, too bad the ending was ruined for you. If you are going to spoil a story, at least put a spoiler alert so people know to stop reading.

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    1. I totally agree about spoiler alerts – obviously. Even if you don’t hide them, just let me know that you’re going to talk about it. It still was terrific though. It was a very disturbing read and I had a hard time with it but it really felt like a book that needed to be read, not a book that was just violent for the sake of being violent. If that makes sense.

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