And Then You Were Gone #RJJacobs #CrookedLaneBooks

WOW – what a story! What a plot! What amazing writing! To say I loved this book is understatement! When I read the premise – something about micro-technology and greed run amuck, my interest was peaked. What I got was a book full of surprises, full of emotional roller coasters and suspense and twists and turns and a very flawed protagonist that I adored!


Emily Firestone has worked for years to get her life on track and keep her life on track as she lives with bi-polar disorder. She is medicated, a child psychologist and has met a wonderful man who is a medical researcher actually working on a vaccine for the disease that killed her father. Everything appears to finally be flowing in the right direction for Emily. When her boyfriend asks her to go sailing with him, although terrified of water and unable to swim, Emily decides to conquer her fears and give it a go. The day goes beautifully and they cap off the evening with wine – beautiful, right? The next morning Paulo is gone without a trace and no explanation for his disappearance. All suspicions point to Emily and, of course, being bi-polar does not help her case at all, nor does it help her subsequent actions. Her life begins to spiral out of control as she searches for answers and the police search for her.

Full dis-closure: I am a medicated bi-polar person. It took years to get a diagnosis and even longer to find the proper meds to make me stable enough to function in society – some would question whether or not I do that now. 😉 It is rare that I ever see someone with bi-polar disorder characterized correctly or even remotely accurately in the media – news or fiction – so as I was reading And Then You Were Gone, I was doing so with a very critical eye. I was amazingly surprised! Reading Emily’s story, her thought processes, her actions, her rationalizations, her play with her medications, her paranoia – ALL of it – was so familiar that it was spooky! This alone was enough to pull me into the book and I encourage you to read it simply to understand what it it is like to be a person with bi-polar 2. More importantly, however, is the story line which is fantastic! As we, a society, need more and more vaccines to counter act an increasingly mounting number of diseases due to climate change, there are going to be those who skirt the laws and the regulations to make that happen. This book deals with some of those consequences. It also has a minor story line that addresses PTSD that is handled very well. ALL of this is wrapped up in a well written, edge of your seat suspenseful thriller! You just cannot beat that. Obviously I highly recommend And Then You Were Gone to any and everyone!

Thank you #Netgalley, #CrookedLaneBooks and especially to #RJJacobs for allowing me to read this fantastic book in advance of publication.


20 thoughts on “And Then You Were Gone #RJJacobs #CrookedLaneBooks

  1. Mackay, this is a great review! Your own personal perspective and experience of bipolar gives us an even deeper understanding and depth of knowledge about the story within the novel. The set-up is captivating and this is one I’m definitely interested in reading. Take care … xx

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  2. Wonderful review Mackey. And thank you for sharing your own story. I trained as a psychiatric nurse many, many years ago and so am naturally drawn to books that contain mental health issues. I will be adding this to my TBR mountain! 💕📚

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  3. Wonderful review Mackey. I have not heard of this book or author, but will definitely check it out. Thank you for sharing your personal connection to the book. I find books are always more compelling when I have a personal connection.

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    1. Thank you so much Carla. I try to read books with which I connection as often as possible and given my strange background that’s not hard LOL! Our lives often appeared more like a traveling minstrel show. 😉 I’m trying to convey those personal touches more often in my reviews. It’s hard to break years of “professional” writing where everything had to be so unemotional. I’ll get there eventually. Hopefully.

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      1. I enjoy all your personal touches, I have enjoyed learning about those whose blogs I follow. It makes them seem more like friends as well as introducing me to so many new and wonderful authors and books.


      2. Thanks Carla. For years I was a “professional scrapbook artist,” and we all had blogs. So many of us became good friends through our blog posts and even though most of us are no longer scrapping, we’ve remained friends, both online and in real life. I hope to get to that point as a book blogger some day.


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