The Moroccan Girl @CharlesCumming

I had a bit of “ooops” moment yesterday apparently. For whatever reason, this was supposed to have posted on its pub day and it did not. However, after visiting Amazon, they also are having a “glitch” with the book so it is just as well. I promise that my review did not cause the glitch despite the fact that my family is convinced that I can break all things electronically related. It’s a myth – really. It is.


At its heart, The Moroccan Girl is more fiction/romance than spy thriller despite what you will be told otherwise. I used to read espionage books like they were going out of style. This borders on spy thriller but it is more “espionage wannabe” than the actual fact.

Kit Carradine – not to be confused at all with Keith Carradine the real-life actor – is a spy thriller writer with international fame. He is approached by MI6 to deliver a “package” to someone when he travels to Morocco for a writer’s conference. Carradine is ecstatic! He finally has an opportunity to actually do so spy work rather than just write about it. He soon realizes, though, that he has been manipulated (duh moment here) and that the request has far deeper implications than he realizes. The woman, Lara Bartok aka the Moroccan Girl, whom he is supposed to be on the look out for, is missing. She is part of a subversive, revolutionary group called “The Resurrection” who is targeting alt-right groups across the globe. As the search for Bartok continues, Carradine is unsure who and what to believe. I can’t really blame him. 

The Moroccan Girl was an extremely interesting, very fast paced thriller. It is, quite literally, ripped from today’s headlines. The part that actually involved Carradine was bit contrived – I’m not sure MI6 would involve an author in this manner – but the CIA has done stranger things than this recently so what do I know. Cumming has masterfully crafted a intriguing set of characters that are both relatable and secretive, just as good subversives should be. In all, it is a riveting spy/romance tale that will keep you thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end.


16 thoughts on “The Moroccan Girl @CharlesCumming

  1. Haha! I am glad I am not the only one who electronic things don’t like! I had posts scheduled for while I was away at the wedding. . . and did they post??? 😂😂 Still, I now have a backlog available for those days when I don’t have a post ready. Happy reading Mackey 💕📚

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    1. Sandy – it’s the server’s fault, not ours. Seriously. LOL! Okay, no, it was totally me. I haven’t mastered the art of two posts in one day. I’ll get there. Probably at the same time I figure out Instagram. LOL!!
      Thanks Sandy – happy reading to you too!!


    1. Maybe it is WP, or maybe I’m a goof. Let’s blame WP!!! I like that idea so much better! My family would beg to differ, but I like that idea. 🙂 I really did think I had all of my reviews lined for two weeks. I thought I was doing SO good. LOL! That will teach me!!


  2. I have this one on my TBR and really hope to get a chance to read it soon. Great review! I love spy books, but I don’t seem to read them as often as I used to. I’m in agreement that it’s WP! I’ve been having trouble with things too, so blame it on it! 😉

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    1. Well, if we’re all having problem then it definitely is WP! 😉 You know, maybe it really is. Their new editing program and I don’t like each other very much. I hope you enjoy this one. It’s not really very much of a spy novel, it’s really not. More romance and general fiction.

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      1. I hate the new editing program! I can’t figure it out so write everything on word and copy and paste, haha! Thanks! Well, I’m glad to know that since I hate when books are marketed wrong and that would have annoyed me. But I do like the sound of it, and I’ll probably still read it when it comes in at the library.


      2. I wrote to WP through their community help group and got the old editor back. I didn’t like the new one at all. The person I was “chatting” with said they were having “tons” of people switch back. It’s not us, it’s them.


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