Happy Valentine’s Day – Crazy Cupid Love! @Amanda_Heger

When a single arrow inspires romance, can you really trust happily ever after?


Crazy Cupid Love is the first book in a new series, “Let’s Get Mythical,” and, seriously, who can resist all of that word play!? Not me! This is exactly the fun, whimsical story I was searching for to read this holiday! The storyline is utterly charming, where Eros’ descendants are now living among us mere mortals and blending in as matchmakers as we swipe left or right. Eliza Hermann, aka the world’s worst Cupid, has spent her entire life trying to run from the family business – that helping couples find their true love. Liza is an Erosian (a descendant of Eros, the Greek God of Love and Desire) and one of the most powerful Cupids there is. Because of this she has had mishaps all of her life merely by bumping into the wrong person. It’s been quite a problem for her – and her family. Now, however, with the business in trouble,( there’s a lot of cynicism in today’s world and Cupids aren’t exactly on everyone’s favorite list,) and with her father in the hospital recovering from a heart attack, Liza has to renew her Cupid’s license and give match-making a try once again. That is easier said than accomplished, especially when her enchantments begin to fail and cause an outbreak of hate and bickering rather than love.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This sounds a little fanciful, a tad bit whimsical but isn’t that what love and Valentine’s day is all about? Yes, it is. The story itself is actually very good. It is based on the Greek myth of Eros and the supporting characters, the Fates and Furies, Discords and more, all are authentically based in actual Greek mythological tales. There is a wonderful tie-in with modern artificial intelligence and how it will affect human relationships and love, an underlying romance between Liza and her childhood crush who has moved back and a pretty good mystery regarding the reverse enchantments as well.

I love mythology, from Ovid’s Metamorphosis to Neil Gaiman’sΒ  Norse Mythology. I also adore fairy tale re-creations and Crazy Cupid Love beautifully marries the premise of these all into one delightful book. If you like mythology or fairy tales or even quirky romances, then you will love Crazy Cupid Love.Β  Regardless, from Macsbooks and The Wisteria House, have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day – Crazy Cupid Love! @Amanda_Heger

    1. LOL – It’s fun to read for the sheer pleasure of it sometimes. Although, I got so caught up in the Greek mythology of the story that I got out all of my university texts and have begun a re-read of them! I forgot how much I thoroughly loved mythology! You just never where inspiration will come from!


      1. That’s so awesome! I’ve never been a huge fan because I can’t keep track of everyone lol. πŸ˜‚ Do you have recommendations for Greek Mythology retellings? If you do, let me know because I need one for my challenge. I have no idea what to go with, but I was thinking about The Penelopiad.


      2. I finished Circe by Madeline Miller about a month ago and I liked it. Have you read it yet? For the pop sugar challenge, is that the one that has the re-telling, I’m going to read the first prequel to Circe. The Song of Achilles. I think those would work. I love (!) Margaret Atwood, though, so that’s a great choice!

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      3. I’m so irritated that I’m not getting notifications of comments! Darn WP. πŸ˜‚

        I haven’t read Circe, but I’ve seen really positive reviews for it. I’ll probably just go with The Penelopiad for now. I’m happy to hear you like the author! Thanks for your recommendations, Mackey. ❀ I appreciate it so much.

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      4. I’m not getting any from Goodreads. My GR account has been completely messed up since the end of last year. I’ve thought about just starting a new account that actually works but ALL of my books would have be remarked and that is just too much for my brain to think about. 😦


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