The Missing Years #LexieElliott


Missing…  Ailsa Calder’s father is missing and has been for several years. Rumor floating among the little village where he lived is that he ran off with jewels that he stole from his employer. Perhaps he ran away to start a new life or fell to his death into the sea or was murdered and hidden and the jewels stolen. Ailsa has come up with many theories throughout her lifetime but now she has to find out the truth. Her mother is dead and she has inherited one half of a manse. The other half is owned by her missing father. She cannot do anything with it until she either finds her father or proves he is dead.

52681134_642264552856741_4538588784605790208_nI really enjoyed reading Lexie Elliott’s first novel, The French Girl, last year but I will tell you now that The Missing Years eclipses her first and has landed its way onto my favorite’s list! The Missing Years crosses genres from suspense, mystery, a touch of romance to a fair amount of magical realism and she marries these together seamlessly. It has an essence of a ghost story while keeping the reader firmly planted in the here and now and much of what one suspects as supernatural turns out to be ominously too close to reality for comfort.

While both The French Girl and The Missing Years comprise a large ensemble cast of characters, with this one Elliott does a better job of fleshing out her characters so that they are more manageable to distinguish from one another and also easier to relate to, feel compassion for and, ultimately invest in their story. As someone with roots in Scotland, I found the history that was included particularly intriguing and learned more about my own past than I was expecting. Trust me, the history is subtle, never boring for a moment.

The Missing Years is an eclectic, atmospheric and suspenseful tale that I highly recommend. While some readers have questioned the addition of magical realism in this book, I found that it was absolutely marvelous and hope this is a continued direction for Elliott’s future work.

I am very grateful to Elisha @berkleypub and #elliott_lexie for my advanced copy #TheMissingYears.

18 thoughts on “The Missing Years #LexieElliott

  1. Mackay, this is an extensive and detailed review of Elliot’s book … you have brilliantly compared her two books and highlight the strengths of the The Missing Years. I like the idea of merging magic realism into a mainstream novel and am very intrigued by this book. Many thanks for sharing and wishing Lexie best of luck in her writing career.

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    1. Thank you so much Annika. Her two works were quite dissimilar which doesn’t often with a new writer that often. There were those who struggled with her first book, The French Girl, although I really enjoyed it, so i wanted those readers to know that this one was remarkably different. Her historical research was very extensive as well. I look forward to following her writing for many years.

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    1. I think you’d like this one Stephanie. There were a lot of mixed reviews with her first one, although I liked it a lot. This one is very different and very good! The magical realism is subtle, just like I like it, where it walks the line between reality and paranormal, real or not? Who’s to say for sure? 😉

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      1. I may have to download it although I’m so swamped with ARCS and have no idea when I’m going to get the ones I have reviewed but I’m trying! I guess if I review it (any of them) a little late that isn’t the worst thing in the world. I do enjoy magical realism since it really could be real, honestly, who knows! I have taught books with magical realism in some of my lit classes and it’s so interesting the students who understand it and love it and ones who are so very opposed to the element being used in fiction to point out reality-they can’t grasp that fine line between reality, fiction, and fantasy. I think I really will need to read this one!!


  2. Wonderful and complete review Mackey. I did not read her first book and probably won’t, but this one is on the list. Heading to Edelweiss to see if I can get it. I need to read a book with Magical Realism for the Popsugar challenge, so this should fit the bill. I am looking forward to another new author.

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