Nothing to Lose @VictoriaSelman

Blood for Blood was my Amazon First Reads selection for January and I absolutely loved (!) the book and the character, Ziba Mackenzie, a former special ops agent now freelance profiler working for the MET in London. When I found out there was a second book in the series, I was thrilled! Nothing to Lose is the continuation of Ziba’s story and she is back, despite her personal loss and her close encounter with a serial killer in Blood for Blood. 


When Ziba gets a call in the middle of the night regarding the second murder eerily similar to one a few weeks before, she isn’t thrilled to be called back to work and there are those at the MET who aren’t there with open arms to welcome her either. Ziba has just discovered a hard drive with information pertaining to her murdered husband’s last case and much of that information points directly back to dirty cops somewhere within the MET. However, when Ziba arrives on at the scene of the murder she realizes that the murder victims bear an uncanny resemblance to her. If anyone should profile this case, it is Ziba. With divided attention, Ziba throws herself into both cases but her split attentiveness could lead to danger.

Ziba Mackenzie is a character full of flaws. She brassy, rash, drinks too much, is moody, abrasive and impulsive. These are her good qualities, actually. They are what make her an excellent profiler and an interesting person for a thriller. You know from the beginning that she will end up in trouble; there’s simply no way for her to avoid it. You also know that if you needed someone working on your case, you’d want someone like Ziba.  Victoria Selma does a fantastic job bringing this character to life. I can envision exactly what Ziba would look like, how she sounds, even to the point that I want to tell her to cut out the slang already when it gets to be too “over the top.” When you, as a reader, can feel the character’s persona then you know the writer has done their job. In addition, the plot is ripped from today’s headlines. It’s gripping, suspenseful and not so horrific – although it is quite awful – that I would think it’s unbelievable. Selma even goes to the point of explaining a fugue state involving one of the victims and a nuance of that state of which most people are unaware. It’s attention to detail like this that puts Nothing to Lose in category of top-notch thriller. If you like action as well as old fashion detective work, you will love Nothing to Lose. And yes, you can read this as a stand alone, there is plenty of back story included, but I highly encourage you to read both books.

Thank you to #Thomas&Mercer, #VictoriaSelman and #Netgalley for my advanced reader copy of #NothingtoLose

15 thoughts on “Nothing to Lose @VictoriaSelman

  1. This sounds excellent! LOVED your review. I’ll have to see if I have both books added. I can’t remember what book I chose for January lol. I pick one every month on Amazon and never get to them because I’m always reading with my kids. 😆 Enjoy your week, Mackey. ❤

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    1. Thank you! In January we got two books. The other selection I got was Snow Gypsy but I’m having a hard time getting into it right now. I loved this one! LOL about reading with your kiddos. That is far more important indeed! I hope you all have a great week too!

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      1. I don’t remember what I picked for January, but for this month I picked up Where the Forest Meets the Stars. Not even sure when I can get to it though. It sounds so good though. Thanks, Mackey!

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      2. Oh.My.Gosh. I just finished Where the Forest Meets the Stars. It was my selection for Feb as well. My review, actually, will be posted tomorrow but WOW!! It was not even what I thought it was going to be!! I think you will love it!! You know, when you get around to it. 😉

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    1. LOL – You’ve got nothing to lose – LOL! Sorry… the way it went together was great! Apparently there are only going to be two books in this series!? I was kind of bummed about that. I really like Ziba as a protagonist and wanted more. I hope you enjoy this one!

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  2. When an author leaves you wanting more when the series ends, you know they were successful. Wonderful review Mackey. I have not heard of this book or series, I will have to check it out. I have never picked a book from Amazon First Reads. Maybe I need to look more carefully when I get those emails.

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  3. I love their selections each month. Well, this month was a little more difficult to choose but I’m sure I will like the one I got just maybe not as much as the previous months. 😉 It’s hard to keep up that level of excitement every month. LOL! This author is very unique, her writing style took some adjustment for me, but I like her a lot.


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