Bone on Bone #JuliaKeller

I wasn’t sure what to think after Fast Falls the Night, Julia Keller’s stunning book about 24 hours in a rust belt town forced to cope with the mounting, egregious death toll from tainted drug overdoses. The protagonist, Bell Elkins, and her town, were left shattered and broken with a deputy fighting for his life and Bell making the decision to confess to a crime she only recently remembered was her fault. I had no idea how, or even if, the series could continue. Bone on Bone, puts the pieces back together and, like things that have been broken, it never will be same but, thankfully, the pieces are there.


As always, Keller’s writing is superb and her characters are brilliantly and realistically drawn. There are few series characters with whom I identify with more than I do than Bell Elkins. While this book is much slower, not nearly as much action as those in the past, it was needed in order to serve as a bridge from what was to what will be in the future of the series. If you haven’t read Keller’s books before, then I suggest you start at the beginning. If you are a fan, then one is not to be missed!

14 thoughts on “Bone on Bone #JuliaKeller

    1. Julia Keller is one of those rare authors that not only creates a good suspense, but also tells a marvelous, timely story at the same time. Because she is from a small town in West Virginia, she paints a very realistic portrait of the West Virginian people, their plight, their towns and who they are as Americans. I tend to think of them as one dimensional and she shatters those stereotypes each and every time. She is one of my favorite authors because of this.

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  1. Wonderful review, Mackey! I’ve not heard of this author but your review makes me want to read the series. I like reading about small towns, maybe because I’m from one, and if the author can get the setting, characters, and suspense right, then that’s even better!

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    1. Her style of writing is so human and real that you become of the culture and their lives. The last time I visited my daughter in DC, We actually drove down there because I had to see the place I had imagined in my head for so long and it was exactly as she had described it. Now I feel like I’m part of it even more! This is a great series. I highly recommend it. And thank you!

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    1. I’ve never seen her books on Netgalley but Michael Connelly was at a book signing years ago and someone asked him who he recommended as a author and, without hesitating, he said there is a new author, an older woman, who has just started writing and her books amaze me. It was Julia Keller. I’ve been reading her books ever since. I figured if they blew him away, they would dazzle me for sure!

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    1. Shalini, the one before this definitely could be read as a stand alone. This one, however, ties up the loose ends from that book and builds on several threads from the series. I’m not sure that a new reader would enjoy it because of those things. Her books are absolutely amazing and several of them can be read on their own, this one just isn’t one of them.

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    1. Carla, I hope you enjoy her as much as I have. She is a very eloquent writer. I honestly never thought I would fall in love with West Virginia. It’s a place in the US that held absolutely no endearing qualities for me at all, not even the mountains there. Keller changed my mind and heart about it forever.

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      1. I had to see the town that Keller is from and on which her series is based. It is mesmerizing. The Appalachian mountains really are breath taking. It breaks my heart that there so much poverty in a land that is so beautiful.


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