The Mother in Law #SallyHepworth

With two Mother-in-Laws under my belt, which honestly was two too many, and being one myself, I felt I was ready to tackle Sally Hepworth’s latest novel, The Mother-in-Law. I was, after all, an experienced pro. I was not, however, at all prepared for the multi-layered, character driven drama that unfolded before me – not even close!
When Lucy first met her Mother-in-Law, Diana, she immediately knew she was not going to be the wife that Diana had hoped for her son. Diana was one of those mothers/wives who was perfect in every way: immaculate home, perfect spouse, marvelous and adored mother, a planner, a doer, someone who made things happen in life for those she loved. If she didn’t love you – well, therein was the issue. But Lucy tried and she tried hard. When Diana is discovered dead, Lucy is perhaps the one most shocked, especially when it is indicated that Diana was already dying from cancer. You see, Lucy knows better. Lucy knows a lot of secrets about Diana and this family. As the investigation continues and the secrets are revealed, the layers that covered this perfect family begin to crack and we see that not was not as perfectly pretty as it appeared – but are they ever?

I absolutely adore Hepworth and her dramas. I don’t always like each and every book, some are not always five star hits for me, but each of her books leave me emotionally charged and the characters that she builds stay with me forever. The Mother-in-Law is definitely a winner! There are so many twists and turns and layers to this story that just when you think you have it all figured out – and you probably will figure the “whodunnit – a new discovery is revealed and you find yourself back at square one. While there is the underlying mystery of Diana’s death in the novel, The Mother-in-Law truly is a family drama at its core. It’s about relationships that grow, alter, are amended and die. It’s about family – those that work and those that are dysfunctional. Mother’s relationships with their children are complicated; when they become adults it is even more so. When they marry… well, complicated doesn’t even scratch the surface for many. And yet, The Mother-in-Law does scratch that surface and what it reveals will leave you stunned.

“With jaw-dropping discoveries, and realistic consequences, this novel is not to be missed. ” –Library Journal, starred review

Many thanks to #Netgalley @StMartinsPress and @SallyHepworth for copy of #TheMotherinLaw available April 23 at        amazon



17 thoughts on “The Mother in Law #SallyHepworth

    1. Thank you Jonetta. I read this waaayyy back over the holidays when I was with all of my family, including my own DIL and did a lot of reflection on some things I definitely needed to change about myself in my role as MIL! It was really an interesting book!

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  1. I love your review, Mackey. You really captured this book, which I thought was so very good! It wasn’t at all what I expected and was much more complex. I thought she did a great job capturing all the complexities of the family dynamics…I don’t want to even think about being a mother-in-law, haha! I do love my son’s gf though; she’s like a daughter, so I hope they stay together. Wonderful, wonderful review. Now I just have to stop being lazy and write mine (I read this in Jan, lol).

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    1. Thank you Stephanie!! I read it over the holidays (!) while I was spending time with the entire family, including my DIL. I reflected on my idea of a MIL vs what I wanted to be as a MIL and, believe it or not, I actually enjoyed my time with my DIL more this trip than ever before. To think that I could be this moved by a book of fiction is kind of crazy, but it really did make me think – a lot!

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      1. You’re welcome! That’s interesting. I can see that, actually. I’ve read fiction that has moved me to where I’ve had a change of thought about things. My MIL are sort of close but don’t really talk because she and my husband are estranged; however, when I do talk to her, it’s like we are old friends. We’ve been that way since day one, and I hope that I can be friends with my future DILs like that.

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    1. The trick is not to think about your TBR. Put it out of your mind. Then just read the next book as it comes, never looking at the end of the list. I call this delusional therapy and it seems to be working for me. LOL!!

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  2. Love your review, Mackey. I do want to read this one and most reviews I’ve seen were positive. I don’t even want to think about being a mother-in-law, but I’m going to try to be the best one I can be after the experiences I’ve had with mine. I don’t want to be like that! 😉

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  3. Terrific review Mackey. I was very lucky that I had a good MIL. She wasn’t perfect, but neither am I. I hope my DIL thinks I am a good one. Having said that, this book sounds really good. It is on my TBR, but maybe I need to move it up the list. Everytime I add a new book, some of these get pushed down.


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