Murderous Mondays – The Dark Bones @Loreth Anne White

Let’s face it, Mondays are Murder! Seriously, I love murder: Crime thrillers, suspense, historical murders, sci-fi murders, cli-fi murders, cosy, paranormal, I’ll take them any way you serve them up. I find that no matter how many other genres I read, I always come back to…. Murder. So each Monday I will share with you my latest Murder read. Of course, I probably will share with you others throughout the week, but if you like a good murder, you know you can find here on #MurderousMondays! 

retro open book isolated on white backgroundI started reading books by Loreth Anne White a few years ago and fell in love with her Angie Pallorino series. Some of you may be familiar with those. The Dark Bones is the second book in a new series, A Dark Lure, and I actually didn’t realize that until after I finished the book. Obviously it didn’t matter that I hadn’t read the first book since I thought it was a stand-alone. It is fantastic! 

41943994amazonWhen Detective Rebecca North left her rural Canadian hometown, she vowed never to return. A call from her drunken father made her nervous, a follow up call notifying her of his apparent suicide brought her home. However, “Becca” is not content with the suicide findings. Her father may have been a drunk, but he was not suicidal. Despite what she believes, the town, including all of the “officials,” seem hell-bent on making sure his death is classified as a murder. Becca is determined to find out what her father was doing before he died, who he was with and why the townspeople are behaving so strangely and to give her father the proper RCMP burial he deserves. 

The Dark Bones swept me up in its saga from the very beginning – the frantic phone call, the alleged suicide, teens accidently setting fire to cabin – there is so much action in the beginning that it was difficult not to get carried away in the drama. But this is more than just a thriller. There are multiple storylines for several families. A few story lines that I know now harken back to the first book which are resolved in this book – don’t worry, you will either appreciate the closure or enjoy the independent story on its own . Becca has unresolved issues from her high school years that led to her fleeing the town. There are underlying issues of drug trading, which sadly afflicts all rural small towns and there are stories of abuse – physical and mental – which were undetected for years. There is a lot going on in this book but it is handled with care, deftly written and marvelously crafted. There are tiers and folds to this story, each waiting for you to pull back their coverings so that they can reveal their mysteries to you. Mystery, romance, murder and more – you cannot ask for a better story than this. 

Have you  read other books by White or this one? Do you have murderous exploits on your reading list – are they something you enjoy? Let me know and, please, join me each Monday as we follow along with our favorite culprits and their captors on Murderous Mondays. 

Thank you to #Netgalley, #LorethAnneWhite and #MontlakeRomance for my copy of #TheDarkBones available May 21,2019. 

35 thoughts on “Murderous Mondays – The Dark Bones @Loreth Anne White

    1. Thanks Jonetta – I just downloaded the first one from the library so I’ll start on it tonight. Not that I have a pile of NG/EW books to read or anything like that, you understand. 😉 Priorities, after all. LOL!

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    1. You know, sometimes I wonder if I’m just dense. I’ve read other reviews now that talk about how wonderful the follow up to the first book is and how great it was to catch up with the characters. Gee, I liked being introduced to them for the first time. LOL! Maybe that’s just the sign of a great author. I’d like to think it’s that rather than my own stupidity. Yes, that’s it. 😉


    1. Her plots always are very twisty and surprising without ever feeling contrived. I like that very much. If things start to feel like a gimmick for me, I generally stop reading the book. I hope you’lll pick up a book of hers. She’s good.

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    1. I love reading your reviews of the classic murder mysteries!! I hope you join us some Monday with those. I want to get back to my series reads. I’ve been reading so many ARC from netgalley that I’ve neglected them – and I miss them!

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  1. I haven’t read anything by this author, but the book sounds excellent. Glad you enjoyed it, Mackie. I honestly don’t read enough books like this, but it’s on my list! Hope you have a wonderful week. 😉

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      1. I swear, it’s the first time I’ve walked the property and it looks like a cyclone blew limbs from every yard in Indiana into ours. I think we’re going to have a bonfire and conjure up spirits for good planting or something. Wait, I’ve been reading too many fantasy books again… scratch that last part. The good people of Pendleton would drag me up to our own Pendle Hill – LOL!

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  3. Another author I have not heard of. I will have to see if my library carries any of her books, they sound really good. I enjoy a thriller in between some other quieter books, add in good character development and they definitely appeal to me. I think I will see if I can read the first one first though. Nice review and introduction to this author, Mackey.

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    1. She has a few different series going now and all of them are good. People are beginning to recognize her name and realize how good she is. She didn’t get a lot of hype at first and I think I like her more because of that.

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