A Perfect Cornish Summer @PhillipaAshley

The skies are blue, the birds are singing and daffodils are blooming – finally it is spring in the Midwestern US which can only mean one thing! I’m ready for SUMMER! What better way to prepare for summer sunshine than to sail off to the Cornish coast. Well, at least in my imagination! It is A Perfect Cornish Summer thanks to Phillipa Ashley’s brilliant new cosy.

Summer is on the horizon, and the people of Porthmellow are eagerly awaiting the annual food festival

One summer, while Sam and her friends are thinking of their small town’s financial woes and also making plans to attend a festival in a nearby town, it occurs to Sam, who has money troubles of her own, that a festival is exactly what her own town of Porthmellow needs. It’s also what Sam needs in her own life to keep her from thinking about her dismal, rather lonely life. Now it is twenty years later and the festival that Sam and her friends started is a region success and about to celebrate that twentieth anniversary! The only problem is that the nationally renown chef that they had booked has cancelled and the newly booked chef is someone from Sam’s past that she never wanted or hoped to see again. Between the feeling of dread at that prospect and the sabotaging occurring all around the village, Sam is worried that the festival may not make to year twenty-one.

I adore Cornwall and talk about it so often that my own family just assumed it was a town nearby on Lake Michigan – I honestly kid you not. If there is a book written about Cornwall, set in Cornwall, featuring someone from Cornwall, you can bet I’m going to read it. A Perfect Cornish Summer did not disappoint me in the least with its small, twisty streets, community togetherness, sly humor and, of course, unpredictable stormy coastal weather! There are multiple story lines but each are relevant and well placed; they  tie in nicely with one another and, I suspect, serve as an introduction to the key players who will be integral to subsequent books in the series. There also are multiple sub-plots which are not so much mysteries as they are mysterious subterfuge. This is a cosy read, it’s not going to be an edge-of-your-seat dark thriller, nor should it be. It’s the story of a woman, her family, her friends and her community and how they all work together to help one another succeed, despite hard feelings, past differences and even different tastes in music. Phillipa Ashley is a gifted story-teller and she has done a beautiful job of creating a tale that will envelope you in its summer warmth. Now, how quickly can I get to Cornwall from the middle of the US!? 

Thank you to #Netgalley, #PhillipaAshley and @AvonBooksUK for my advanced copy of this delight book. You will find it on sale April 25th. 


19 thoughts on “A Perfect Cornish Summer @PhillipaAshley

    1. Poldark is one of those binge reads and binge watched shows for us here. I love it! Would you believe that I have three more books on the pile all set in Cornwall!? I didn’t realize it until I wrote this post. I think I need to go visit just to get it out of my system and/or move there – LOL!


    1. Thankfully my daughter who works for the State Department knew better – LOL!! And now the rest of the clan does as well. They’ve received a full brochure on Cornwall with notices to get their passports in order. Do you think they’ve taken the hint? 😉 Thanks so much Cathy! I truly loved this one!

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  1. Great review and I can totally identify. Leaving California and living in the middle of the country doesn’t give us ready access to any salty air and dancing waves. There are, however, some great little (quaint) villages in Indiana. I’m just beginning to explore and looking forward to some decent car driving weather!

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    1. My tiny town in Indiana does have its charm, I agree. I have to go west or east to visit kids quite often when I start to miss that salt air, though. If on your travels you are ever my way, you must stop in and visit!!


  2. Mackay, I’m another huge fan of Cornwall and I’ve visited many times – and lovely to do so again through books! Through your eloquent and descriptive review, you’ve tempted me; this sounds perfect for a summer read! Thank you so much for sharing … if I close my eyes I can almost sense the warmth of the Cornish sand, the sun bright … anything to block out the grey outside!

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  3. Mackey, your reviews never fail to make me smile, and this one was no different. The absolute joy you have for books is infectious … plus I actually snorted at your line on Cornwall being near Lake Michigan. I hesitated requesting this one because I thought I wouldn’t have time, but you’ve made it sound so breezy and fun. Tempting, tempting…

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  4. I am also a big fan of books set in Cornwall. If Cornwall were near Lake Michigan, I would have visited there, but alas, I have not. Wonderful review of this lovely book and I have added it to my ever growing Mount TBR.

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