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Fridays are generally set aside for fabulous fiction here at Macsbooks and The Editor by Steven Rowley, author of the amazing book, Lily and the Octopus, certainly fits that description! 9780525537960_5fcef
James is a writer living in New York with his boyfriend, struggling to make ends meet and hoping for his first big break. His publisher calls informing him that his editor requests a meeting with him, which scares him senseless enough; but, when he discovers that his editor is Jackie Kennedy Onassis he is speechless. As Ms. Onassis continues to work with James through rewrites and deeper explorations into his novel and his own personal relationships, James realizes that his editor is, indeed, the perfect one to help him grow as a person and as a writer.

To say that I have a love affair with the Kennedys is an understatement, There are few, if any, books written by or about this family that I haven’t read. When I saw that this was a historical fiction book featuring Kennedy-Onassis in her final years as an editor, I literally jumped at the chance to read it. It did not disappoint in the least. As with Lily and the Octopus, Rowley has created a story that illustrates how even the most flawed characters can be lovable and redemptive. He weaves this story around an amazingly famous person but manages to place her in a tale that makes her human and real. To do this with someone like Kennedy-Onassis truly is astounding and my hat is off to Rowley for this alone. Most importantly, however, the core of The Editor is based on familial relationships; the struggle between a son and his mother. This is the story that is worth reading and it is here in which lies all of the beauty and the charm of this novel.

The Editor will available on April 2 and I highly recommend it.

Thank you to #Edelweiss, @StevenRowley and @PutnamBooks for my copy of #TheEditor

28 thoughts on “The Editor #Steven Rowley

  1. I’m not even going to discuss how many ARCs I have downloaded. My family isn’t speaking to me right now. 😦 But I had to have this one. It was Jackie O! LOL! It really was so very well written and the protagonist with his self-deprecating humor was charming to the core. If you get a chance to read it later, I do recommend it highly.


    1. I have shelves set aside for books devoted to the entire Kennedy family. John Kenndy even made a “surprise” stop in our town, Pendleton Indiana, during his famous Midwestern tour and gave an impromptu speech here. His speech writer said it is his one and only – all others were written by someone else. It’s on his presidential website. The fun fact is that the person who coordinated the surprise stop lived in the house we’re at now and the memorabilia is all still here, in the house. I’m fairly certain that fates coordinated my living here. I’ve read several books about her, but my two favorites, without going too far back in history, are: Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir by Clint Hill and The Kennedy Women, The Saga of an American Family by Laurence Leamer (sp?) The first because it really is one of the best books about her as a woman and the second because it’s impossible to separate any of the Kennedy women from the family that molded and shaped who they became. Rose, as the matriarch, either made these women great or she broke them. It’s interesting to see how they matured, lived their lives and raised their own families. If you read these, I’d love to know what you think about them!

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    1. Thank you so much Jonetta!! Do you know that I reached my limit for holds on both overdrive and at the library!? I tried to explain to them that I was not the “average” reader and their limit was unreasonable. That went over really well with them. I’ve now sent my husband to get a card – ROFLOL!! As if I didn’t get enough ARCs!!! And that is exactly what he said too! 😉

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  2. I’m so glad you loved this one too, Mackey! I love Rowley’s writing style and like you, I have a love affair with the Kennedys. When Jackie died, I was a sobbing mess and took the day off from school to watch her funeral because I was so upset. My friends thought I was insane! Anyway, I thought this was just brilliant and so well done. Such a great plot and loved the mother-son relationship. Excellent review!

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    1. I know exactly what you mean Stephanie. I did exactly the same thing when John, Jr. died. It was as though we had grown up together and someone i had known all of my life was suddenly gone. I know that seems so strange but they were so much a part of our generation – or at least mine – that they shaped who we are, who we became. Thank you so much for comment! I think Rowley is a fantastic author!

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      1. Yes, I did the same thing when John Jr. died–I found out at work, mid-lecture, and I had to walk out. I was devastated. I was born in 77, so I grew up with the Kennedy myth and my mom was obsessed with the Kennedys, especially the JFK assassination, so some of my earliest memories are of her recounting where she was when he was shot and what she recalled of that day. It was like losing someone you knew. I wanted to be like Jackie as far back as I can remember (not married to a president but a book editor with all her grace and charm). You’re welcome; I really am so happy you loved this one too! He is and I can’t wait for what he writes next.

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    2. Oh wow, Stephanie, now I feel really old. John, Jr and I were the same age. 😉 One of my first memories is my entire family gathered around our old black and white watching him at the funeral. The fact that I’ve seen it a million times since, of course, reinforced it but still…

      I think I will re-read Lily and the Octopus while I’m waiting on the next one. This is the problem with reading ARCs. We’re ready for the next book before these have even been published. 😦 I hope you have an amazing weekend Stephanie. 😉

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      1. You’re not old. I so wanted to marry John Jr, but so did half of America, right? That is such an impactful memory to have. I’ve seen it so many times that it feels embedded, but I can only imagine it feels like you were there.

        I know…I think getting ARCS makes us more impatient. I am trying to read more books on my TBR to balance things out. It’s hard though! I did have a great weekend and hope you did too! Sorry to be late answering…I got behind on blog things!


      2. We had snow and ice and our cable lines went down so I’m really behind with blog endeavors. Today is sunny and warm, though, so I’m getting all caught up once again!

        I’ve been flipping back and forth between ARCs and library books. I needed a wider variety of reading selections than what I could get from ARCs alone. It’s helped with the impatience and the boredom. We get amazing books reading ARCs but they are rather limited at times. Although, Edelweiss does have great international authors and publishers and that helps!


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