Sounds of Saturday

Saturdays here in Indiana often revolve around reading and nature, reading and music, reading and rehabilitating our Victorian home, reading in the park, reading about the history of our state or a famous person from Indiana. Or just music. Generally there always are sounds that accompany what we are doing despite people often saying “it’s so quiet and relaxing in your home without a television.” Yes, it is, except there are sounds all around us. I thought I would share some of those sounds with you and I would love it if you would share some of yours with me – from nature to your family to your favorite music. What does your Saturday sound like?

This is our favorite park in Indiana, Spring Mill Creek. I love to visit this time of year when the birds are nesting and the creek is full, but not yet flooding, which it will be soon. Click the photo below to hear the wonderful, relaxing sounds… Happy Saturday!



18 thoughts on “Sounds of Saturday

  1. Lovely, I could listen to that all day. I can hear the song birds, gulls and if I’m lucky the sound of the sea. The wind is rustling in the trees .. and unfortunately the sound of traffic now and again.

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    1. Ohhh, I would love to hear the sound of the sea. That would be my dream! I also love the wind that comes off of the sea. There is something that is so different about it. Although, here we have the prairie winds and it is intense.

      We have a train that runs through out town and normally I block it out, however, there are times that I hear his horn blow and it is so peaceful.

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      1. The weather gets quite intense here too, exposed as we are. I like the sound of a train, especially a steam train although there aren’t too many of those around now.


      2. Me too Cathy!! My grandfather was a conductor for the railroad and I worshiped him and trains as an extension. We have a tourist train about an hour south of us that is a restored steam engine. It takes you on a two hour excursion. We do that twice a year in the autumn to see the foliage turn and again during the holidays.


  2. That’s the best sound, Mackey. I could sit there all day long with my books. How wonderful that all the birds are back and there’s so much activity outside. Were supposed to get snow today, but I guess well see. 😉

    Do you really not have a TV? Have a wonderful Saturday. ❤

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    1. I am NOT thinking about the snow. I am NOT!! I was just out side picking tulips and looking at my azaleas blooming and having “words” with Mother Nature. What is she thinking!? Ours is just supposed to be light but still..

      When we moved to Indiana we left the television in Arkansas. For a while we watched things on the computer and then we slowly just stopped and now.. we just don’t. We are cable ready for our guests but most of them think it’s a great vacation from the television as well. It is very freeing.

      Stay warm and enjoy whatever Mother Nature brings us. 😉

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  3. Spring Mill Creek–near Valpo? That’s about 5 miles from us! Think I miss the sound of the ocean most (but more than that, the taste of the air and the smell), but then we didn’t live on the left coast (were about 1 1/2 hrs away). Otherwise, I enjoy the sounds of the wind in the tall redwoods, Sequoia, or pines. Here, we have scrub something–so brittle they break in the wind. My fairy garden is a mess right now, snow and ponding water. Otherwise, we have a lovely little back yard.

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    1. This is Spring Mill Creek just a wee bit south of Bloomington. I’d love to see photos of your fairy garden!! I’m trying to create one around an old Tulip Magnolia. There is a section that is hollow and I’m sure that portion of the tree will not survive much longer, but it is perfect for fairies.


  4. Oh this is such a lovely post, Mackey. Spring Mill Creek looks and sounds like the perfect spot to relax. Missouri summer actually have one of the most comforting sounds to me: a symphony of katydids and whip-poor-wills. I could listen to that all night. However, it doesn’t look like summer’s coming this year because guess what? We had snow yesterday!

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    1. LOL at your and the snow!!! We only got a dusting and then, POOF, it was gone!!! We had a freeze again and now it’s in the 70s. Hopefully…nope, I’m not going to jinx it!!! I really miss the whip-poor-whills. We have Bob Whites which sound similar but not the same. The cicadas aren’t even the same here. We are, like, one or two zones too far north. I don’t know where in MO you are, but we used to spend a lot of time there. Well, all over Missouri, but my son would train at Mizzou and we would stay in Hermann at a wonderful B&B. It was so gorgeous there in the middle of wine country!

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      1. I keep saying that it snows for Easter regardless of when Easter is! We have a 70% chance of snow tomorrow night – ROFLOL!! BUT – it’s supposed sunny and 70 on Easter Sunday!! Now figure that one out!! I’m just stocking up on sinus medication and sniffling my way through spring this year.

        Have a beautiful weekend Christopher!!!


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