Linda Fairstein

I’m marking all Fairstein books on Goodreads and at Amazon as OPPOSED TO READING because I am morally opposed to her, her past work as an unjust, racially biased prosecutor for NYC and for her continued insistence that the Central Park Five are guilty despite a confession to the contrary and DNA proof that clears these men. Fairstein is so racist and morally reprehensible that she insists that if they did not do that crime, which they did not, then they should rot in jail for other crimes that they “might” have committed. THIS is everything that is wrong with the American Justice System. SHE is everything that is wrong with the American justice system. I admit that I have read one of her books and I found her fictional character so sickening and against my morals and values as a human being that I never read another. There are many popular “thriller” authors whom I have turned away from because of their moral views being morally bankrupt. Thankfully Fairstein has lost her publishing contract. I do hope she is not given another.

9 thoughts on “Linda Fairstein

    • Thank you Berit!! I’ve missed posting. My auto-immune issues went hay wire again. I thought about just giving it all up this time but this is just about the only thing I’ve got left to do – when I can do it. 😦 So, slowly I’ll work my way back into it once more.


  1. I’m with you, Mackey! When your publisher and agent drop you like a hot potato, it’s time for reflection. It’s not what she’s doing, quite the opposite. She’s raging (see Op-Ed in the WSJ) and is out of control.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your auto immune issues, Mackey. Sending good thoughts your way. You’re missed💜


  2. I’m not familiar with this author but from what you say she sounds toxic.

    So sorry you’re having health issues, hope they’re resolved very soon 💚


  3. I think I have a couple of her books on my shelf, but have not read them. I will check and remove them immediately. I had not heard about these issues, so thanks so much for sharing them. I was wondering where you had gone and am sorry to hear that it is health related Mackey. Take care of yourself and when you post, we will be here to read your thoughts and opinions. I always enjoy what you share. Hugs to you. 🤗💙


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