The Wedding Planner by Eve Devon

Gloria, a rather sassy and bold gal with a habit of rubbing people the wrong way is determined to change her ways and get more people to like her, well… if not like her then at least not deliberately avoid her. So when her best friend asks her to help plan her wedding, Gloria immediately agrees. The drawback is her co-planner, Seth. Gloria and Seth create a tension while planning the wedding and it is all about to boil over. But is that tension anger or simmering romantic heat?


The Wedding Planner is a light, enjoyable Rom-Com that is perfect for a summer read by the pool. While it is the third in a series of four books, the author – Eve Devon – has given us a handy character guide at the beginning so that we will know who is who, which is good because there are a lot of characters introduced and the story is told from multiple points of view.

Normally this is exactly the type of book that I enjoy as a palate cleanser between deep, dark, serious reads. However, something about the characters didn’t quite resonate with me. Even now I’m unsure if it was their personality or if it was the feeling of “been there, done that” once too often but I found myself doing quite a bit of skimming through this one and far too often for this to be a book that I would recommend to you. That said, if you really like this type of book, then maybe you can and will like these characters. It simply wasn’t for me.

6 thoughts on “The Wedding Planner by Eve Devon

  1. Thanks Shalini – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! A new book came out by an author I love, Jonathan Moore, called Blood Relations. He also wrote The Night Market and The Dark Room. His books are crime, psych thrillers, suspense and extremely well written. It’s a library book of self indulgence. 😉 Then I am torn between a book I was asked to read that doesn’t come out until year but I’m dying to read (!) and Lost You that you just finished and I really REALLY want to and must read! I wish I could listen to one books and read one with each eye – three at once! LOL!! What are you reading next? I’m also going to be reading a LOT of reviews that everyone has written!!!


    1. I’m glad others do it too, but still, I hate to skim. I like to be completely immersed in a book. Maybe I’m too, hmmmm, picky. Picky isn’t the right word – LOL. I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t expect so much.

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  2. Nice, honest review Mackey. It sounds like a Hallmark movie I watched recently. I also skim when I am not invested in a book, but it still interests me enough that I want to finish it. Better luck with your next book. It sounds like you have some good ones to choose from. In fact, you have probably already read some since I am replying a month after you posted this.


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