Her Daughter’s Mother


There was so much about this book that I wanted to like. The writing itself was interesting and had a nice rhythm and flow to it. Even the subject matter, IVF with a nefarious undertone, was something that peaked my interest. However, no matter how many times I picked up the book, I could not get into the actual characters. I certainly didn’t like Tyler, the absentee/misunderstood ex, or the egg donor/murder victim who was not at all what she seemed. Even the main character was too self-absorbed and scattered to hold my attention. She couldn’t even hold her own attention, so how could she keep mine? I know that others have seen strong women in this book. Sadly, that is not what I experienced.

13 thoughts on “Her Daughter’s Mother

    1. You bet! There are some that I was listening to while I was “out” and I think that didn’t help. I’m not a very good listener at all. I’m grateful for audio, but I’m a better reader than a listener. I need to catch up with you book list and see what you’re reading. I always like your book recommendations!

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      1. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill. The review will be up tomorrow. She had me laughing out loud throughout most of the book. The writing is witting but not overdone, very realistic. I felt like I was actually talking with the main character rather than just reading the book. I loved it. Maybe you’ve read it already?

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  1. Nice honest review Mackey. We can’t like them all. If I can’t connect with the characters, I do not enjoy the book, so I understand your feelings. Good luck with your next book.


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