The Last List of Judith Kratt @AndreaBobotis

Miss Judith has inherited all that the Kratt family had to offer: a pie safe, a copper clock and a murder no one talks about. 9781492678861_34d7d

Being born and raised in the southern part of the US, I came to love southern literature. It has a flow and charm to it, a rhythm that is unlike any other. When it is done well you can smell the gardenias and magnolias on every page and feel the grit from the dusty Delta roads. The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt is such a novel, one that envelops you and transports you to the hot, humid backroads of the deep south complete with its oppressive heat and family turmoil.

Miss Judith wants to make a list of all that she owns before it is her “time to go.” She doesn’t have much; in fact, she doesn’t have anything of value really except memories and stories and secrets. She would like to keep the worst of those secrets all the way to her grave but she knows that will be impossible when her sister returns home hell-bent on exposing all that she knows regardless of the cost to anyone around her.

The actual story itself is, for many of us, as old as the hills: a family that has grown apart due to a tragedy that had to be kept quiet, in this case a murder that was covered up decades before the story takes place. As Miss Judith tells her story, catalogues her belongings and her life, however, we realize that this is more than an ordinary tale, but rather one that is told beautifully, with eloquence and in a manner not unlike the great story-tellers of the past: Faulkner and Harper Lee, even a touch of Flannery O’Connor’s biting wit comes through in the tapestry that Bobotis has woven together.

Don’t be fooled, however. This is not just a piece of fiction, an historical account of Miss Judith’s life. There is a mystery here, deep and dark, that must be resolved for all those concerned. Regardless of your genre of choice, this is a book for everyone, a classic in the making.

Thank you to #Eidleweiss, @Sourcebooks and #AndreaBobotis for my copy of this amazing book on sale today at your favorite bookseller and Amazon.

9 thoughts on “The Last List of Judith Kratt @AndreaBobotis

  1. Mackay, a beautiful poetic review of a book I keep seeing around and can’t wait to read. With such loving praise I a sure it will be classic for me too. I can’t wait to ‘…smell the gardenias and magnolias on every page and feel the grit from the dusty Delta roads’.

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    1. It really did evoke the character and feel of the old southern writers and I love that genre very much. I hope you love it as much as I did. I don’t, by the way, miss those dusty Delta roads – LOL! I think about them every summer and it’s one thing I don’t miss about the south. Now magnolias are another story completely.

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    1. Cathy, you sound like me. If I don’t get it on NG then I have a favorite used bookseller online from whom I purchase books. Believe or not, they are in the UK and somehow they manage to get books to me cheaper and quicker than most here in the US. They also have a much better selection than here.

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  2. Amazing review Mackey. This is already on my TBR after another recommendation, but you have added to the anticipation of getting to this one. I like the idea of a sultry summer, although not in the south, it is definitely hot and humid here. The perfect time to pick up this book.

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