A Stranger on the Beach #MicheleCampbell

A perfect summer read just hit the shelves today and it is one that you will not want to miss: A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell. 41150430Caroline literally has it all: a marvelous husband, a beautiful daughter and an amazing new beach house that has been transformed for exquisite entertaining, lavish parties and relaxing vacations on the beach. She also has a stranger who is very interested in her house. At first she is intrigued with him, when he shows up at her party as a bartender she is concerned by him, but when her life begins to disintegrate she turns to the stranger for comfort. But what if the stranger wants more?

Admittedly, I love Campbell’s writing and I knew going into this book that I was going to enjoy it – which I thoroughly did. Campbell’s characters also are layered, multi-dimensional versions of who you think they might be which enables her to keep you guessing throughout the story. Her plot, particularly in A Stranger on the Beach, never is quite you suspect it of being and just when you think you have the entire mystery solved, you discover that you were completely wrong. I’m not fan of plot twists for the sake of surprising the readers and that is not what Campbell does. She literally takes the reader into areas which the reader never thought to go and that makes her books very enjoyable and satisfying.

A Stranger on the Beach is not only a good summer read, it is a great mystery, thriller and suspense which I highly recommend.

Thank you to #Netgalley, @StMartinsPress, and @MicheleCampbell for my copy of @AStrangerOnTheBeach

20 thoughts on “A Stranger on the Beach #MicheleCampbell

    1. I like surprises when they’re unique. This really was a perfect summer read – and I don’t mean that in a trite way. Sometimes you just need that type of book in the summertime and it was perfect. I hope you do check it out Christopher. Let me know!

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    1. Thanks so much! I needed a change for summer. I wanted sunflowers and may still change in August. My library seems to be getting better with getting books to me these days or maybe I’m getting better at getting my name on the right lists. I hope you enjoy this one when you get it Jonetta!

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    1. Thank you to all of the above! I’m doing much better; just always seem to be behind with everything these days. Eventually I’ll be back to full speed. I hope you’re having a great summer and that all of your plants are surviving the heat!

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  2. You keep introducing me to new authors Mackey. This one sounds really good. I do love multi-faceted characters and a twist that is surprising, but fitting is always good. I will have to add this one and see where i can get a hold of it. Great review.

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    1. LOL – I get bored easily Carla so I’m always on the look out for something or someone new. I have a handful of favorite authors but generally I like to try new authors, especially when I’m reviewing books. To say I’m ADHD is an understatement. 😉 I hope you like this one!!

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      1. I am the same. I have bookshelves full of books that are from my autobuy authors, but I keep reading new releases from new authors and don’t get the time to read the ones I buy. 😁


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