Layover by David Bell

Layover is the second book I’ve read by David Bell and both times I have been fully engrossed in the plot and the characters until halfway through the book. At that point, Bell loses me. For someone who reads as much as I do, I know that often there is a lull in the story line midway through, however, with Bell it generally revolves around the plot itself or the actual character. In Layover, the primary character “accidentally” meets a girl, a stranger, with whom he shares an instant connection and ultimately a kiss. She then tells him to forget he ever met it. Rather than going about his normal life, he pursues the woman and ends up in the middle of murder and mayhem. It was here that I lost interest. Following a woman through an airport is one thing. Following bread crumbs to her town, to her family in search of… what!? Who knows and then allowing oneself to become enveloped in their drama, including murder, is quite another thing entirely. I found it completely unbelievable. I finished it, barely, and would not have if it hadn’t been for review.


10 thoughts on “Layover by David Bell

    1. This book was sent to me accidentally, otherwise, I wouldn’t have read it. There are many reviewers who just love him but obviously his style and mine just don’t mesh well together. I’m afraid I hit a “rut” with my reading but hopefully it will turn around soon. I hope your summer reading is going well!


    1. Thanks Carla. I get this way every summer. I don’t know if it’s me or summer themed books but now that I’m reading books for October and on, I’m all good again. 🙂 I hope you’re having a great summer with lots of terrific reading!

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      1. I have had a great summer. Busy with the grandkids and the yard. Lots of reading as well. I enjoy romance and chick-lit stuff in the summer sitting outside so lots of good choices.

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      2. When we got this old Victorian house, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us on the house itself. What I gravely underestimated were the gardens. I think I just saw a lot of green and didn’t notice that there really had been amazing flower bed, herb gardens and even a pond underneath all of the growth. Now my summers are filled with rehabilitating those – one bed at a time. I’m the exact opposite of you – I read romance and cozies in the winter by the fire and read thrillers and scary stuff in the summer. Wait, I may be opposite of everyone – LOL!


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