Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

Like many others I had read Glenn Greenwald’s articles regarding Edward Snowden, the CIA analyst and whistle-blower. I did my own research regarding the plight of whistle blowers in the US and the content that Snowden allegedly released. To say that I was thrilled to read Permanent Record by Snowden is an understatement. His story in his own words. It was everything I anticipated. Snowden is brilliant and his book is brilliantly written.Edward_Snowden_-_Permanent_Record_(cover)

The fact is there are those who are going to love or hate this book without ever cracking the cover. That’s fine, except theirs isn’t a review of the book. The book is well written and very necessary especially given that, bowing to political pressure, Greenwald and the Intercept have deleted the Snowden events and articles from their archives in a very Orwellian manner no less. When we cannot count on news sources to keep important records in their files then we have lost any hope of a free and open press or democratic government. So, this book has been read, reviewed and it will stay on my shelf along with other “deleted” texts and permanent records that our government and our press have chosen to erase from our history!

4 thoughts on “Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

  1. Excellent review, Mackey! I think it’s horrible when people judge a book they haven’t even read just because of their beliefs. I remember when Hillary’s book came out and Amazon had to delete thousands of fake reviews because they knew the people didn’t read it; in fact, many of them even said they didn’t read it. Lol 😂 I have this one on my list and can’t wait to hear his story.

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    1. I’ve been known to read some really horrible books because of their controversy just because I wanted to actually review them. Sometimes I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s all just so silly and unnecessary. I hope you find this one enlightening.

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