You Are Not Alone #MurderousMondays

Murder monday with text

An Anonymous Girl by these authors is one of my books that I’ve recently read so when I saw You are Not Alone, I jumped on it quickly and read it from start to finish even more quickly! You are Not Alone is a slow burning suspense filled thriller that kept me enthralled from the very first chapter to the last.


Shay, our main character, witnesses a brutal suicide at the subway station. She tried to stop the young woman from jumping in front of the train but was unsuccessful. The only thing left of the crushed young woman is a necklace which Shay absentmindedly puts into her pocket. That necklace will lead Shay into a world of women that is, at best, inexplicable. Have they become her salvation and pathway to a new and beautiful world OR will these women lead her to jump in front of the subway herself? Written with such artful nuance, the reader will remain unsure until the very end.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It doesn’t publish until 2020, but it is one to add to your TBR list now. It’s a fascinating read that you will not want to miss.

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13 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone #MurderousMondays

      1. I have The Wife Between Us on audio but I haven’t got to it yet. Thanks, I’m doing ok, haven’t had many photo opportunities lately with the wet and windy weather but as soon as there’s a window I’ll be out there! Hope all is well with you.

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    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry!! Somehow I ended up with a copy from NG and EW. My mind hasn’t been where it should be lately. If you get a chance to get from somewhere, I hope you do. It really is good. I’m excited about all of the books by these writers.

      Also, thanks for asking! My health is up and down and the stress of the holiday season never helps. BUT, I’m taking things a LOT easier now and rather than worry if everyone is happy and the holidays are perfect, we’ve found a balance of celebration and relaxing together and just being together. I’m always hopeful that the new year will be better!! Thank you so much for caring Shalini. You really are terrific!

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      1. Aww Mackey, you are pretty amazing. You have stolen a slice of my heart, so I would always care and worry about you. Don’t worry about anything. Just enjoy your today. Now… The present moment. Rest will fall where it has to…

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  1. Downloaded it straightaway. I haven’t read the previous books by this duo, but if it comes recommended by you, it is worth checking out.
    Wishing you happy and relaxing holidays. Hope you take it easy and your health is better next year!🙋‍♀️❤☃️

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    1. I hope you like it – and the authors – as much as I do. Their writing, to be a duo, is very cohesive and sharp. I love reading books that just flow and keep the reader engrossed all the way through. And thank you for the well wishes. 🙂 They mean a lot!


  2. I recently read Anonymous Girl and really enjoyed it so I have downloaded this one to read. Your review has me chomping at the bit to get to this one. I read the previous comments and totally agree with Shalini. Enjoy the now and don’t worry about what is next. Being with those we care about is most important, not what we eat or how things are decorated. Have an enjoyable holiday Mackey.


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