Where is the Peace on Earth?

I’m trying to write reviews of the many books that I’ve recently read but my heart and soul are grieving today because of the actions of my government. Through the world of books, I, like many of you, have made friends with readers from all over the world, including Iraq and Iran. When I think of what the murderous actions of the US will cause, I think of the number of civilians who will ultimately killed. Those innocents no longer are just a number seen on my screen. They are the friends, family members and, yes, my friends, who are just like me. They laugh, they cry, they love, they marry, they weep and they mourn. NO ONE, not one person on this planet deserves to be at war. The MEN, and they all are men aren’t they, who are putting our lives at risk MUST GO! We, the intelligent ones, the connected, those who know one another, must put an end to this nationalistic BS. This isn’t about being patriotic. It isn’t about religion. It is NOT about politics. It is all about power and greed. Our lives, collectively, are worth far more than their desire for more power, their testosterone, their little….hands. I am sorry for my government, for the Americans who continue to support this travesty. Please know that there are those of us who do NOT support their egregiousness.

4 thoughts on “Where is the Peace on Earth?

  1. What is it with men and war. I have never been able to make any sense of it. Why can they not be satisfied and look after their own country instead of, as you say, craving power over others. There’s far too much greed and intolerance in the world.

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  2. This was a terrible thing to happen that led to a plane being shot down full of innocents. I agree, this action was all about power, to distract the American people from the wrongdoing of one man. My heart breaks for everyone who will be affected by this action.


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