Three for Thursday: Look Back at Christmas #ChristmasInSilverSprings #ComingHomeForChristmas and #AWeddingInDecember

Yes, I know it’s January but, seriously, when I’m sitting by the fire and drinking cafe au lait, my brain still wants to read holiday themed, cozy reads. Since it’s not quite time for Valentine’s Day yet, I’m still reading some great books from Christmas and pretending that they are “Winter” themed books instead. Won’t you join me?



Let me begin by pointing out that Christmas in Silver Springs in the 6th book in a series. While it is touted as being able to be read as a “stand alone,” it is not. I spent the majority of the book feeling like the sixth grade girl who got invited to the cool kids party but didn’t know anyone. Was I supposed to like Tobias? Know why he was in jail? Was I supposed to care who Harper was or her snotty sister? I think readers of Novak’s books are familiar with these characters and, most likely, has a relationship with them that allows the reader to overlook certain questionable aspects of a character. I didn’t have that luxury. Therefore, many of things that these characters said or did simply didn’t ring true for me.

With ALL of that stated, the book itself is well written, the characters are interesting and the story is a sweet one, full of angst and longing and hand wringing. If you are a fan of Novak’s then this is a “must read” for you. If you do not already read her books then I suggest that you start at the beginning which is what I intend to do. An added note to any and all publishers – PLEASE let us know when a holiday book is built on characters’ story lines from previous books. Not all authors do this, but many do and it is getting more and more annoying to pick up a book and realize you are starting at a disadvantage.


Wedding inDec

I absolutely adored A Wedding in December. This is exactly the fun, sweet, warm, witty story that I like to read any time of year but especially in the dead of winter. Don’t you just feel all warm and toasty reading a good love story? Okay, yeah,  I maybe stretching it a little but you know what I mean!

Rosie, an ex-pat from the UK, is marrying a yank from Aspen Colorado. Her family has flown in to celebrate the big day but not everyone is in the mood for festivities. Rosie’s parents are on the brink of divorce and her sister, Katie, who always has had a say in everything Rosie has done, is not happy about the groom, a man she has never met. When Katie meets his best friend, she is even less happy. Hi-jinks and shenanigans abound as the White family tries to keep secrets, break up the wedding, put everything back together again AND salvage their familial relationships. The writing is perfect, the characters are so realistic and the fun is abounding in this charming WINTER tale! I highly recommend it any time of the year.


Coming Home for Christmas

I’m extremely conflicted about Coming Home for Christmas. RaeAnne Thayne is a well known, much loved romance author and her writing is wonderful. I cared immensely for all of the characters, Elizabeth and Luke, and their children. Despite the fact that this is part of an ongoing series, there was enough backstory that I never felt lost or needed more information to comprehend what was going on with the main characters or those in the town.My concern with the book is the story line itself and its lack of credibility.

Elizabeth was suffering from post-partum depression, severely, to the point that she became suicidal and thought that she would harm her baby. Fleeing from her home, she eventually gets into an accident in which the driver was killed and Elizabeth was gravely injured, both physically and mentally. After a very long rehabilitation from which she never fully recovered, she made the decision that it would be better for her family if she stayed away from them. Meanwhile, Luke is going to be charged with her murder by the new hot-shot cop in town. The only way he can save himself is find answers about where Elizabeth is and why she stayed away. Okay, so when I write it all out it doesn’t soooo unbelievable. What do you think? I really loved the story and read it in a nanosecond so I’m going to say that I should recommend it with a the warning that parts may be a teeny-tiny bit contrived. That works.

So what about you? Did you get all of your holiday reading finished or are you like me and still carrying over some of those last minute finds? Have you read any of these? What did you think about them?

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8 thoughts on “Three for Thursday: Look Back at Christmas #ChristmasInSilverSprings #ComingHomeForChristmas and #AWeddingInDecember

  1. I have lots of Christmas books in my TBR that I didn’t get chance to read. I may have to save them for next year…
    I do agree about not being aware before reading a book in a well established series…so annoying!
    I loved A Wedding in December too, such a great story.

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    1. The problem for me is that I read them all and more, I just didn’t review them. 😦 I’m so very bad about not writing a review as soon as I finish a book and then I forget about it and start doing something else. In my next life I will be far more organized and have a healthier body.. and a smarter brain. LOL!!!

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    1. LOL Shalini – that is ALL I have been reading. Except now it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day so I’m slipping some Rom-Coms in there for fun. I get really depressed if I read too many crime novels in a row. Kind of like reading the news every day, you know?


  2. Oh, dear. Most of the books in the Silver Spring series stand alone perfectly (really hard for this series girl to say that) but #5 & #6 are more than connected. #5 must be read before this one. You would have had a completely different reading experience. I felt so strongly about this I included it in the header of my review.

    I loved the Sarah Morgan book, too! Perfect holiday story. I haven’t read the RaeAnne Thayne book.

    Awesome reviews, Mackey💜 I’m enjoying this format.

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  3. Thank you Jonetta. I had a feeling that if I had read something, anything that gave me a back story I would have enjoyed this more. I’ve read several reviews from series followers who loved and then others were like me. I wish I had known.

    And thank you for the comment about the format. I got so far behind – I seem to stay that way – and I hate being behind on anything. So I probably will continue doing some posts like this until I feel better about where I am with review standings.

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  4. I read all three of these and loved them all. I enjoyed the story of memory loss and post partum depression in Coming Home For Christmas. I love all the happily ever after stuff in Christmas Stories. It gives me that warm, peace on earth kind of feeling. Nice, honest reviews for all of these.


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