WTF America!?

Since when has it been acceptable for FASCISTS to attempt to overthrow our democracy and since WHEN do reasonable, intelligent Americans sit idly by while this is happening in our country!? As for me, my family and my blog – we will not stand for FASCISM of any type and if you support the anarchists, including Trump and sons, then please remove yourself from my readership and my world. YOU are not acceptable! Ever!

13 thoughts on “WTF America!?

    1. Trump is still in charge of the military and the DHS. This is exactly what many of us feared. My daughter works at the Department of State and they had to evacuate the building! These people are Fascists out for mob rule. And they are the same ones who were all up in arms over the BLM protests. They should be rounded up and tried for tyranny!!

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    1. It actually scares me, too, Carla. Although my greatest emotion is rage. I have worked in politics and for politicians for decades and to see these fascists try to tear down our democracy is more than I can tolerate. There are no troops, guns, or homeland security for two reasons 1. These fascists are white, not black. 2. Trump is still president in command over our military and our Dept. of Homeland Security. This is anarchy and attempted coup brought about by Americans who are too ignorant to know that they have become Nazis!

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  1. I was horrified when I saw what was happened but not surprised. I told my SO, the day Biden was declared winner, that something like this would happen. I hope that Pence enacts the 25th Amendment. Trump needs to be taken out of office before something even worse happens.

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    1. We’ve been saying all along that Trump was preparing for a coup. He got rid of any military “leader” who wouldn’t do what Trump wanted. He has stacked courts from the beginning of his term – not with conservatives but with Fascists who have no respect for the US Constitutio… there, literally is no one to stop him except those of us who stand for Democracy.


  2. We have been watching this on the news this morning. Scary stuff. Trump must be punished for inciting a riot, surely. Why can’t people understand that by fighting each other they are making the country weaker? The human race is an absolute mystery to me. 🤷‍♀️❤📚

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  3. Mackey, I just was reading all the news articles. They made a mockery of what your country stood for. I was disgusted at the way people and mob mentality were being incited. Democracy is the way to go.

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