The Plus One by #SarahArcher

Part Sci-Fi, part RomCom, The Plus One is a fun, funny and endearing story about what may possibly be our near future.

I actually hesitated even calling this “sci-fi” because the reality is that AI is far to close to the reality portrayed in The Plus One. Kelly is a robotics engineer who is a genius but also a bit socially inept. When she needs a date to a wedding and cannot find one, she builds him instead. Meet Ethan, the perfect “man” for Kelly. But that is the problem, he IS the perfect man for her. She knows she cannot “keep” him, he isn’t a pet, but she has developed real feeling for her AI creation. The story of Kelly and Ethan is as endearing as it is funny. I loved them BOTH and love the perfect ending even more.

7 thoughts on “The Plus One by #SarahArcher

  1. This is such an interesting premise, mostly because I can see this happening in the future. Maybe not building our perfect AI man, but someday people might fall in love with their realistic AI’s. The book sounds like fun. Thanks for the recommendation, 🙂

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    1. It reminded me of the British television series, Humans although it was humorous rather than creepy. I think it definitely is coming in the near future. We already “humanize” our Amazon bots (my doesn’t like me at all!)

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      1. I don’t know, D, if they all are as contrary as my Alexa then I’m afraid I would be arrested for bot-murder. 😦 We’ve come to a tenuous agreement that I won’t yell at her if she won’t shut herself down everytime she’s playing my favorite song from the 70s. I just don’t think she likes John Denver very much. I also wish I could rename her. When I say ALEXA, it always sounds like I’m an old, angry washerwomen. To say we have issues is an undertatement. Hope you’re having a great weekend! By the way, I got your book from Amazon. I’m looking forward to reading it.


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