Not One of Us @DebbieHerbert

I lived in the Southern US nearly my entire life and, honestly, didn’t like it one bit. I did, however, love southern literature. When I moved north, however, I found I didn’t enjoy reading southern lit nearly as much as I once did because it seemed less honest or real, more sappy and contrived as though the authors were attempting to create a genteel place that only existed in their minds or perhaps in Scarlett O’Hara’s mind. I do love Southern Noir, though. Those writers who dig deep, find the darkness that lurks under the low hanging Spanish moss and the evil that hides behind those big tobacco laden grins. Debbie Herbert is one of those authors. While she has written some really interesting paranormal romances in the past, recently she has penned the Normal, Alabama series and now she gives us Not One of Us, set once again in the backwoods of Alabama.

When Jori Trahern was in high school her boyfriend and his entire family disappeared. Now you have to understand that while they lived just across the field from one another, Jori lived in a trailer and her boyfriend lived in a mansion. When he didn’t show up for their prom date, she was convinced by her grandmother that he had a change of heart – but then the family was never seen again. Now, Jori has returned to this backwater town and she is determined to find answers, answers that may get her killed.

What appears to be a formulaic thriller plot line surpasses your expectations due to the vivid imagery of the southern bayou, Herbert’s fabulous character building and the fact that Jori has Synesthesia, the ability to “see” sounds as colors. I swear, I learn something new in every book I read! These three thing elevate Not One of Us to a higher level than your normal southern ho-hum and Herbert’s ability to keep things unusual and interesting are what keep me coming back to Alabama.

5 thoughts on “Not One of Us @DebbieHerbert

  1. Great review Mackey. Every time you review a book in this series, I add it to my TBR, but I have not read them yet. I hope to give the first one a go soon to try it our.


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