Preserving the Season by Mary Tregellas

Years and years ago, maybe hundreds, I learned to make a simple strawberry jam with my grandfather. I thought I was a proper know it all at that point because none of my friends knew how to do that. It was like magic watching the berries and pectin slowly meld into such a marvelous concoction. That simple strawberry jam was as far as I got for year and years more until I discovered the joys of food preservation. Now I look forward to summer when I gather fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables together knowing that I can make this bounty last all winter long.

That knowledge is the basis of Mary Tregellas’ book, “Preserving the Season,” a beautifully illustrated, simple to understand guide, full of easy to understand recipes about using and preserving the wealth of your garden or local market. There is an introduction to items you will need or find useful for preservation which moves into the recipes for actual preservation. The recipes are varied and mostly unique ranging from jams, jellies and marmalade to cordials and vinegar.

Some of my own preservation thus far this season. Yummy!

The second half of the book is dedicated to using what you have preserved – herbs, jams, etc., in your cooking. There are recipes for herb breads and scones, chutneys and so much more, all using the items from your well preserved panty. While the book and recipes are written simply enough that a beginner preservationist could certainly understand, I think the content might be geared more toward those like me who have been doing this for some time. We’ve got the basics down and now are looking for new ideas and ways to use what we actually preserve, taking it to the next step. We rarely do see guides that answer these questions and Preserving the Season does that brilliantly. I loved it; it’s a perfect addition to my kitchen library and I hope it will be to yours as well.

5 thoughts on “Preserving the Season by Mary Tregellas

    1. Thank you. We’re only now beginning to get enough fruits and veggies to preserve. It’s been a late summer arriving here this year. Although, I do have a lot of herbs drying. They’ve been growing like crazy!


  1. One I have to read! I love your story you shared here, Mackey. We preserve as well, but it’s something I had to teach myself. I like that this book deals with herbs too. ❤️


  2. oh nice! years since i’ve done any preserving or canning until last year, pickles and salsa. the salsa didn’t turn out so well and the pickles were WAY too salty/vinegary. enough to put you off canning and preserving again. i did enjoy making jam (more so than jellies), but just haven’t had the time.

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  3. Oh no about your pickles!! They are tricky to get just right and a bit smelly too! They are something I’m fond of so I just don’t mess with them. Time really is the key. All of this takes time which I seem to have far too much of these days.


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