Three For Thursday: I Will Make You Pay, On Cold Ground and Tell No Lies

There was a time during 2020, when I simply had to step away from crime fiction and thrillers. Perhaps it was the reality of death everywhere or maybe I had hit a tipping point of reading too many but I switched gears into other genres. I’ve gone back to some types of crime fiction as you can tell from my posts, but thrillers and suspense still leave me dry. The three books that I am featuring today were some I set aside and came back to and, for the most part, I’m glad that I did.

I WILL MAKE YOU PAY by Teresa Driscoll

Driscoll is one of my favorite go-to authors for creepy, timely crime fiction. She nearly always hits on a subject that we’re already feeling a bit uncomfortable with such as social media. I Will Make You Pay is another in that same vein. Alice is a journalist who begins receiving strange phone calls every Wednesday like clock work. At first she brushes it off as a crank call but when gifts begin arriving as well, she realizes she has a stalker. Uhm, yes Alice, you do. It took her a bit too long to come to this realization I think.

Alice’s boss wants her to take some time away from work and her husband hires a private detective but he discovers more secrets about Alice than he does about the person stalking her. So many secrets, lies and miscues and so much stupidity from Alice made this book hard for me to stomach. Of all of Driscoll’s books, this is my least favorite just because I cared so little for Alice. I won’t give up on Driscoll but I cannot recommend this book either.


On Cold Ground is the fifth book in the Karen Hart series and I think it is the best thus far. I got sidetracked with other British police procedurals and then realized that I completely missed this one. Good thing I discovered my error because On Cold Ground is terrific!

Karen Hart is out enjoying the holiday festivities when she hears a scream from the nearby cathedral. Although it is her night off, one of few, she runs toward the scream and discovers a dead male with a cross carved into his forehead. Unknown to Karen, she has been followed for the past few hours by a person known as “the sparrow” and as the case gets more involved and twisted, there is a hint of police corruption involving a car accident. SO much to keep up with and yet it all ties together and is brilliantly done so with Butler’s deft writing skills. If you like British suspense then I highly recommend On Cold Ground which can be read as a stand alone, however, I encourage you to enjoy the entire series.

TELL NO LIES by Allison Brennan

I absolutely loved (!) The Third to Die which is the first in this series by Allison Brennan and I was really looking forward to reading the second! On top of that, the book’s subject matter was totally in my wheelhouse – environmental disasters and industry pollution killing wildlife and our national parks. Sadly, I couldn’t even finish the book. 😦 To be very honest, I have no idea why. I love the characters. I do. But the writing for this book was so utterly different from the first that I have difficulty believing that it was written by Allison Brennan. I am going upstream against all those who loved the book and I know that but this is one that I cannot recommend and Iwill be very leery about reading the next in the series.

Please share your thoughts with me. Have your read these books or others in the series? What did you think about them?

4 thoughts on “Three For Thursday: I Will Make You Pay, On Cold Ground and Tell No Lies

  1. I know exactly what you mean about stepping away from certain genres over the pandemic. I’m a true crime freak, but almost completely lost interest last year. Like you, I’m getting back into some of them now. Crime fiction is one genre I haven’t read enough of. The books I’ve read I’ve enjoyed.

    Sorry a few of these were duds. I’ll keep On Cold Ground in mind. It’s a shame that third book you shared didn’t turn out better because it sounds intriguing.

    Excellent reviews as always. ❤️

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    1. I also switched to reading authors from other countries. I don’t know why that helped, but it did. I think things really got out of control here in the US and I just didn’t want any part of it. I’m also keeping Tell No Lies on my To Read list because I really cannot believe I didn’t like it as much as I did. The premise is so me. I’ll come back to it later perhaps.

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  2. I’ve only read one book by Teresa Driscoll (Promise) and it was very atmospheric. Which ones do you recommend?
    It’s always nice to discover a great new series to follow, even if it’s already on book 5- thank you for your recommendation.
    Sorry about the last one -perhaps the author was just trying out new writing ideas in this one. Hope your next read is better.

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    1. I liked The Promise as well but my favorite of hers is I Am Watching You. It hit all of the marks for a good suspense. It appears to the most liked by readers other than me too. I’m going to come back to Tell No Lies at a later date and see if I was just in a funk. I’m not sure but I cannot believe I disliked it as much as I did. 😦

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