Constance by Matthew FitzSimmons

Rarely do I have the pleasure of reading pure Sci-Fi since most Sci-Fi written today involves space fiction or fantasy but Constance was a rare treat of pure hard core science fiction set in the not-so near but near enough future so that, thankfully, it did not require world building (I hate world building, sorry.)

At its heart is the story of cloning. The rich elite get to keep themselves going forever, basically, with a few unfortunate catches. Your clone has to come back as an exact replica as yourself and the age that you were when you died. Of course, you have all new body parts but not a new shell. Bummer. Who wants this body!? But your brain and emotions and memories in tact. Again I asked, who wants THIS body!? Okay, okay… brains and memories are good but, seriously, if I’m going to pay for a clone I want a new body, okay!? And, well, that’s what a lot of people want in the book as well.

FitzSimmons has a great premise throughout with the mystery that he has developed – why Constance has been cloned in the first place – but he also goes deeper into the realm of ethics regarding cloning and about how people, especially in a religious country would respond to clones (not good, obviously!) and what rights would these clones have with new bodies but the same brain and memories but, supposedly, no soul. And then there is the question of a soul. Do we have one? Do clones? I thought the moral implications throughout the book were fascinating.

If you like hard core sci-fi and if you are the type to read a little deeper into a storyline that what is on the surface then I think you will find that Constance is very intriguing book and one that I highly recommend.

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