It’s Beginning to Look a Lot…..

I may not be ready for the holidays but Mother Nature definitely is. It looks like a great day for reading by the fire!

FUN Book Mail Today!

One of my very favorite authors – Tosca Lee – has a new book, A Single Light. It’s a sequel to a book I reviewed, The Line Between. I cannot wait to read it, I’m starting it right now, so that I can share it with you guys! If you haven’t read the first book, what are you waiting for!?

Thank you @ToscaLee! It felt like my birthday!!!


FREE Book Weekend! — His Name Was Zach


I have this one downloaded and ready to read. I hope you guys will take a look at it as well and let me know what you think about it.

Get ready, because tomorrow and Sunday (September 14th and 15th), His Name Was Zach will be FREE to download on Kindle! If you’re one of my faithful followers, please share this post far and wide! I’d love to see as many people as possible get their hands on a FREE version of my debut novel!

via FREE Book Weekend! — His Name Was Zach

Linda Fairstein

I’m marking all Fairstein books on Goodreads and at Amazon as OPPOSED TO READING because I am morally opposed to her, her past work as an unjust, racially biased prosecutor for NYC and for her continued insistence that the Central Park Five are guilty despite a confession to the contrary and DNA proof that clears these men. Fairstein is so racist and morally reprehensible that she insists that if they did not do that crime, which they did not, then they should rot in jail for other crimes that they “might” have committed. THIS is everything that is wrong with the American Justice System. SHE is everything that is wrong with the American justice system. I admit that I have read one of her books and I found her fictional character so sickening and against my morals and values as a human being that I never read another. There are many popular “thriller” authors whom I have turned away from because of their moral views being morally bankrupt. Thankfully Fairstein has lost her publishing contract. I do hope she is not given another.

Sounds of Saturday

On this Saturday as many are gathering to celebrate a holiday that is meant to be full of hope, I could not think of a more appropriate song to share with you than this amazing collaboration between Sheryl Crow and the late, iconic Johnny Cash:   REDEMPTION DAY


Crow says about the duo, “I think he would’ve loved it. I think people have forgotten what an outspoken American he was,” she says, noting his activism around issues like the Vietnam War, Native American rights, and prison reform. “I think he would be having none of this right now. I think he would be aghast. This is not the America that I think he would feel proud of. He was so outspoken and so courageous about what he believed in.”   

I hope you enjoy this song. What are you listening to this weekend? Sounds of nature? Kids hunting eggs? Or your favorite music? I’d love to know! Have a beautiful weekend! 


Sounds of Saturday

Saturdays here in Indiana often revolve around reading and nature, reading and music, reading and rehabilitating our Victorian home, reading in the park, reading about the history of our state or a famous person from Indiana. Or just music. Generally there always are sounds that accompany what we are doing despite people often saying “it’s so quiet and relaxing in your home without a television.” Yes, it is, except there are sounds all around us. I thought I would share some of those sounds with you and I would love it if you would share some of yours with me – from nature to your family to your favorite music. What does your Saturday sound like?

This is our favorite park in Indiana, Spring Mill Creek. I love to visit this time of year when the birds are nesting and the creek is full, but not yet flooding, which it will be soon. Click the photo below to hear the wonderful, relaxing sounds… Happy Saturday!



National Pet Day in the US

I spend my day surrounded by furbabies. If I’m reading or writing reviews, then you can count on one or all of these guys being by my side or, more likely on top of me. I thought I would share them with you today in honor of National Pet Day.

The orange, black and white cats are brothers from the same litter. They are 16 years old. The ginger one lives with my daughter. I promise I’m not quite the crazy cat lady but I have been in the past. Sam, the grey cat, is our baby. Humphrey, the Jack Russell, is the boss of them all, and of me. Thank you for letting me share. I’d love to see your furbabies!