Watching What I’m Reading #BoyErased

Sandy at Sandy’s Book a Day Blog has a post each week called “Watching What I’m Reading.” It’s always fascinating to read, all of her posts are. When I read them, my mind wanders to books that have been made into movies or television series but there’s a drawback for me because I don’t own a television and haven’t been to the theatre in forever and a day. It’s a rebellious kind of political thing for me because I’m weird like that. However, when the kids were home they insisted that I join the human race and watch some movies with them. My only rule was that it had to be based on a book because I’m the dictator witch MOM! I thought I would share with you here and there a few that we watched and read. Being behind, I’m quite sure that you’ve read/watched many of these and if you have, please let me know what you thought about them! 


WOW – We watched this movie first because I am a HUGE Russell Crowe fan and I absolutely had to see this one. Nicole Kidman, despite the worst wig in all of Hollywood, was amazing as well. This must see film is based on the memoirs of Garrard Conley, a true account of a young southern male, the son of a preacher in Arkansas, who came out of the closet to his parents. His parents, after praying with church elders, promptly sent him away to a “conversion camp.” In the book the process is longer, the details much deeper and the story goes further into the family dynamics but the movie is based primarily on Garrard’s horrific time spent at the hands of the abusive people at this camp. I use the word abuse when really I should be using words like torture, sadism, and worse.

I grew up in Arkansas. There wasn’t anything in this film that was new to me. I was raised in a church exactly the same as this family’s church. I knew poor souls who were forced to go to these “camps.” Far too many of my friends in high school committed suicide rather than face coming out to their families. I just cannot believe that as a nation we have not progressed any further than we have. This movie made me physically ill. The book even more so. If it were not for the last lines of the movie where it told about Garrard and his husband, I’m not sure I could have withstood it at all. But it IS a movie and a book that must be shown, seen and read. We have stood by in silence for far too long. If you haven’t already read the book or seen the movie, I hope you will join me in doing so. If you have, let me know what you thought about them. I’d love to hear from you.

What is your latest Book to Movie that you’ve seen Read/Seen – let me know.