Red Widow @AlmaKatsu

Of course I’ve read The Hunger and The Deep and I assumed that Red Widow would follow along those lines, lines which I loved for the record. I could not have been more wrong. How can an author write such completely different genres!? Aaaaah, but lest you think that I was disappointed, I was not. This is, by far, one of the best spy novels I’ve ever read and, wow, I’ve read all of the original Tom Clancy novels, the ones before he jumped the shark and then, well, he died. Red Widow is amazing! Fabulous. Incredible. Just wow.

Let me state up front that I hate spy novels. Hate! Tom Clancy actually ruined them for me. I loved them until I realized that the majority of them always (!) are nothing more than US propaganda. There always (!) will be the bad guy (them) and the good guy (the US) but somewhere along the line I became a real live adult with a brain and recognized that the world operates in shades of grey and the US sure as hell is not always the “good guy,” not even most of the time. So I stopped reading spy novels even though I loved them. (sigh) Had I known that is what Red Widow was about, I never would have read it and then I would have missed out on one terrific book!!

This is set in current time and involves – yes – the US, Russia and other modern day players. There are references to current events that you will recognize and some of the things that happen in the book will make you pause and think “wait, didn’t that just happen,” but even if you search for it, it’s not there. The premise is, perhaps, too realistic which is why I love it. The characters are spot on and there’s a reason for that. Did you know that Alma Katsu used to work for the CIA!? AND the DoD!? Yeahhhhh, there is a reason she gets it so right and I love the book for that!! Not to mention that the ending is the best, absolute perfection.

So, can you tell I highly recommend this book? There also is a movie in the works for this one and I may just have to break my no t.v. or movie rule to see it. READ THIS ONE!!!!